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In honor of President Elect Obama

Posted by Liberty on November 9, 2008

Today, I purchased a 9 mm handgun as a salute to our soon-to-be President, Barack Obama.  I’d been shopping around for awhile and just hadn’t been in the mood to spend the money.  This week’s election changed that, however, because liberals are sure to attack Second Amendment rights as part of their hope and change agenda.  If you’re in the market for a gun of any sort, it may be wise to make room in the budget sooner, rather than later.  If I may make a suggestion, buy something that they are sure to target, such as an “assault rifle” or a semi-auto handgun with a high capacity magazine.  The value of those most evil of guns is sure to increase.  The salesman who helped me today said that they had seen record sales since Tuesday.  Today by about 3:30 pm, they had done $26,000 worth of gun sales. 

Even if the spike in gun sales is only hype. even if the Obama administration does not take gun regulations as far as many Conservatives fear will happen, guns are just a damn good investment.  Buy them legally, store them responsibly and defend your right to own them.  The right to keep and bear arms is just one of those Conservative principles I’ll be discussing and upholding here on Bold Colors Blog.

In addition to my anecdotal evidence, here’s a link to a Reuters story about the increase in gun sales lately.  Note the use of the phase “common sense measures.”  President-elect Obama, please tell us exactly what that phrase means to you.  Oh, wait, specificity about your agenda is not your forte. 

Another from Spokane news station KXLY “Gun sales booming after Obama victory.”  All American Firearms comes highly recommended–if you’re in the market for a gun, check them out!

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