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The Unfairness Doctrine

Posted by Liberty on November 10, 2008

Now that Barack Obama has won the Presidency [with plenty of help from the fawning mainstream media], we’re starting to hear rumblings about the return of the Fairness Doctrine.  The concept of the Fairness Doctrine has its roots back in the 1940’s when the FCC “required broadcasters to ‘afford reasonable opportunity for the discussion of conflicting views of public importance.’ The fairness doctrine was overturned by the FCC in 1987. The FCC discarded the rule because, contrary to its purpose, it failed to encourage the discussion of more controversial issues. There were also concerns that it was in violation of First Amendment free speech principles.” 

The Fairness Doctrine would effectively silence Conservatives on talk radio by requiring radio stations to provide equal time for liberal views, regardless of whether or not it would be profitable.  They’ve been trying to get the Fairness Doctrine re-instituted for a long time [check out this article from the Heritage Foundation back in 1993] with the express goal of silencing Conservatives.  The Fairness Doctrine would not apply to newspapers, cable news and commentary shows, movies and TV news programming.  Here’s an informative article from the American Thinker: The Fairness Doctrine at Work.

Keep your eye on this issue.  It’s one of the most blatant examples of liberal hypocrisy out there.  Liberals like to claim that they’re more tolerant and open-minded than Conservatives.  They pretend that they’re on the side of freedom of speech while actively working to silence their opposition and rob Conservatives of their God given rights.  I did check out the ACLU website, just to see if they had the intellectual honesty to oppose the Fairness Doctrine.  From what I can see, they will support your right to protest against President Bush, drop a “fleeting expletive” on live TV and post kiddie porn on the Internet but they did not officially address the Fairness Doctrine.  Interesting.

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