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Dateline Oregon: How not to fix health care

Posted by Liberty on November 17, 2008

Blueprint outlines overhaul for health care

“Oregon should tax hospitals and health insurance companies to cover more than 100,000 uninsured children and 100,000 uninsured adults, a new state health care reform plan recommends.

The blueprint also proposes that the Legislature create an Oregon Health Authority to guide an overhaul of the state’s $19 billion health care industry with the goal of containing costs and giving all Oregonians affordable, quality health care within four years.”

“The plan would regulate hospital prices and insurance company administrative costs and raise cigarette and alcohol taxes to pay for public education and mental health services.”

A few of thoughts, in no particular order:

  • This plan is so bad, it could have been proposed in Washington State.  Washingtonians, look out, because Queen Christine probably has something like this up her sleeve.
  • Some people choose to be uninsured.  Are they planning on covering people who are voluntarily uninsured?  Insurance is a financial product used to manage risk.  Some people choose to accept the risk that they may have to pay for medical care.  We shouldn’t force coverage on the people who don’t think that they need it.
  • How about tort reform?  One of the largest expenses that doctors have is malpractice insurance.
  • Instead of instituting a Socialist medical system, how about making it easier for people to take responsibility for their own families? 
  • How about reducing state mandates for health insurance plans?  Not everyone needs plans that cover accupuncture, substance abuse treatment, birth control, gastric bypass, chiropractic care…let the consumer decide what they want to pay for!  [This is a huge problem in Washington State.  My own plan went up by over $30.00 a month because the Washington State Legislature made it mandatory for insurance plans to cover mental health care.  I think I’m smart enough to decide whether or not I need to purchase mental health coverage, thank you.] 
  • “regulate hospital prices and insurance company administrative costs”  Seriously?!
  • “Wouldn’t it be great,” he [Bill Kramer, a Portland health care management consultant] said, “if Oregon could be known for providing the best quality, most affordable health care in the country and attracted businesses here because we are the best?” 

I have a feeling that even higher taxes and having health care managed by bureaucrats will have exactly the opposite effect.  Health care reform needs to be based in the free market and needs to enable people to take responsibility for themselves.

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