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More “change you can believe in” or Tom Daschle’s plans for socialized medicine

Posted by Liberty on November 19, 2008

Dem officials: Daschle accepts HHS Cabinet post

“Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle has accepted President-elect Barack Obama’s offer to be Secretary of Health and Human Services, Democratic officials said Wednesday. The appointment has not been announced, but these officials said the job is Daschle’s, barring an unforeseen problem as Obama’s team reviews the background of the South Dakota Democrat.”

Mr. Change, Barack Obama, is busy filling up his cabinet with highly partisan Washington insiders.  And he’s counting on the fact that most of the people who voted for him are too ignorant to know who he’s appointing or why they do not represent change at all.  Change, change, change–it was all an empty mantra.  The real change that we’re going to see is the change from capitalism to socialism.  It’s exactly the wrong kind of change for our health care and the wrong king of change for our economy in general. 

We’re also hearing a myth perpetuated in the MSM about how Obama is “post-partisan” and somehow above the typical Washington D.C. political fray.  This is a lie.  As I posted on November 15,

“Thirty-one of the 47 people so far named to transition or staff posts have ties to the Clinton administration, including all but one of the members of his 12-person Transition Advisory Board and both of his White House staff choices.”

And I’ll echo myself again:  will Obama supporters ever catch on?

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