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Norm Coleman has beaten Al Franken in Minnesota senate race…but for Democrats, it just means they need to find more ballots

Posted by Liberty on November 19, 2008

Minnesota Recount: Coleman victory certified today, recount tomorrow

“A necessary step in the resolution to the Minnesota Senate race will take place this afternoon when the state Canvassing Board will certify the election results and declare Norm Coleman the winner.  The action clears the way for Minnesota to begin the automatic recount tomorrow.  The Canvassing Board will reject a demand from Al Franken’s campaign that they add in previously rejected ballots before certification, based on an opinion from the state’s AG…”

This is a critical race–the Democrat’s filibuster-proof Senate hangs in the balance.  Thanks to thousands of ACORN voter registrations and a highly partisan Democrat Secretary of State, voter fraud is a distinct possibility.  If Franken had any class, he would concede victory to Coleman but…well, isn’t it obvious?  He hasn’t got any!

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