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Washington’s Democrat legislators express shock at $5 billion budget shortfall

Posted by Liberty on November 20, 2008

$5 billion budget gap means Washington faces painful cuts

“‘We knew it was going to be awful. But it was more horrible than we were talking about,’ said Senate Ways and Means Committee Chairwoman Margarita Prentice, D-Renton.”

Margarita, it’s been primarily your party that’s been spending millions and millions of the people’s money.  How can you be surprised–don’t you remember all of the spending increases that have happened lately?  According to this Seattle Times story,

“State spending has increased by $8 billion since Gregoire was elected governor in 2004. Half of that money, around $4 billion, was spent on public schools and higher education. The current two-year general-fund budget is $33.6 billion.”

Also, Washington has 852 laws archived between 01/01/07 and 11/20/08.  I clicked through quite a few pages of these laws and they were all marked as passed and signed.  Our wallets would be a lot safer if the first thing that Washington State furloughed was the legislature.  Also, Washington Republicans, I don’t see that there was a lot of conscientious opposition to many of these bills.  Even though you are severely outnumbered, we still need you to attempt to hold the line on spending, redistribution of wealth and the loss of our liberties.

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