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As heard on Rush Limbaugh’s Open Line Friday this morning

Posted by Liberty on November 21, 2008

Jennifer James of the L.A. Times Kids’ Reading Room Page called in to Rush today to talk about learning the true story of Thanksgiving as an elementary school-er.  She told how her teacher taught that the Pilgrims’ initial strategy of collectivism was a failure.  Prosperity only came to the Pilgrims after Governor William Bradford made the decision to allow private ownership of property and encourage free enterprise.  Instead of growing food to maintain a common supply for the entire colony, each family was given the responsibility of producing for their own families’ well-being.  Bradford was wise enough to know that people need the incentive of keeping the fruits of their labor, not spreading the wealth around.  Jennifer has written a brief kids’ story about this on the Reading Room Homepage. 

“Giving Thanks”

Thank you, Jennifer, for doing your part to set the record straight for kids.  Thank you for providing a little bit of balance on the subject of Thanksgiving.  The public schools focus on the idea that the Indians were the ones who saved the Pilgrims from starvation and were repaid by having their land stolen and their populations decimated by European diseases.  There are probably some kids out there who think that the traditional Thanksgiving dinner came about because the Pilgrims wanted to show their appreciation to the Indians.  Wrong!  The Pilgrims were Christians (can they even mention that in school anymore?) and they feasted in Thanksgiving to God for the gifts that He had bestowed upon them.  Their dinner was a celebration of the bounty that they were able to produce with the abilities and resources that the Lord had provided.  It wasn’t about Squanto showing them how to grow corn–it was a way for them to worship God and show Him their gratitude.  How fundamentally American–to start at rock bottom, take responsibility for your destiny, work for the betterment of yourself and your family and eventually, enjoy the bounty of your labor while giving thanks to God!

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