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Two classic Thanksgiving editorials from the Wall Street Journal

Posted by Liberty on November 26, 2008

The Desolate Wilderness

The Wall Street Journal has published this same editorial before Thanksgiving every year since 1961.  Our standard of living is so high and our modern life so comfortable that it is easy to forget the hardships faced by our forefathers.  The Pilgrims left Plymouth, England in September of 1620 and came ashore in December.  At least half of their colony died during that first harsh winter. 

“Having settled in a relatively poor region, and lacking the excellent natural harbor of Boston, the Pilgrims never developed the fishing or trading business of their counterparts.  But the Pilgrims rightly hold a place of high esteem in American history, largely because unlike the Virginia settlers, the Separatists braved the dangers and uncertainties of the voyage and settlement in the New World solely in the name of their Christian faith.”

From A Patriot’s History of the United States  [pg. 28]; Larry Schweikart & Michael Allen

The Wall Street Journal has also published another Thanksgiving editorial since 1961. 

And the Fair Land

“Any one whose labors take him into the far reaches of the country, as ours lately have done, is bound to mark how the years have made the land grow fruitful.

This is indeed a big country, a rich country, in a way no array of figures can measure and so in a way past belief of those who have not seen it. Even those who journey through its Northeastern complex, into the Southern lands, across the central plains and to its Western slopes can only glimpse a measure of the bounty of America.

And a traveler cannot but be struck on his journey by the thought that this country, one day, can be even greater. America, though many know it not, is one of the great underdeveloped countries of the world; what it reaches for exceeds by far what it has grasped.”

These two beautifully written editorials may just be the antidote for the gray days of this November.  Let us not forget that even in times of economic uncertainty, America is still the best country on Earth.  And for that, let us be grateful.

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