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When is it going to be enough?

Posted by Liberty on November 26, 2008

WA cities can add $20 car tab fee

“Olympia might be the first city in Washington to use a state law that allows a $20 fee on vehicle registrations without a public vote.”

Property taxes, sales taxes, sin taxes, fuel taxes, fees, fines, licenses…when are the people of Washington State going to finally say, “NO MORE!”  If memory serves, Washington voters passed an initiative limiting vehicle tabs to $30.00.  The arrogance of government bureaucrats is simply appalling.

2 Responses to “When is it going to be enough?”

  1. Clarence Fogal said

    What is the status of bill SB6900? I can’t find out anything about it since it was “tabled?”.

  2. Liberty said

    According to Washington, all 2007-2008 bills are now dead. SB 6900 [Establishing vehicle engine displacement and emissions fees] was introduced in 2008 by Senator Rodney Tom and is now dead. It is possible [or probable?] that it could be re-introduced under a new bill number sometime in the future but it appears that the deadline to get new bills out of committee has passed for this session. But, when it comes to taxes and the Washington State Legislature, I would never say never.

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