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“What’s Good for GM Could Be Good for America”

Posted by Liberty on December 2, 2008

What’s Good for GM Could Be Good for America

In this article (Wall Street Journal, 12/02/2008), William McGurn writes about how Conservative, free market solutions for health care could help the Big Three Automakers and the rest of us.  John McCain touched on the idea of separating health insurance from employment a little bit during the campaign but he failed to really sell his ideas for reforming health care.

“For companies, such an arrangement would help shift the responsibility for health care from employers to employees. And because these plans give health-care consumers more control over spending decisions, they also help restore some price-discipline to the market.

For employees, benefits that might not have been as obvious when times were fat are now easier to see. A worker who owned and controlled his own plan would not be trapped at a job simply because of its health benefits. A worker who owned and controlled his own plan would not be at the mercy of business managers and union leaders who agree to cut health benefits as part of a corporate rescue. And a worker who was unfortunate enough to be laid off wouldn’t have to worry about his family losing their health coverage along with his job.”

I purchase my own individual health insurance plan.  I do think that this could be part of a solution to our health care problems in the U.S.  My plan isn’t dependent on an employer–it’s something that I take responsibility for.  For plans like this to become more common and functional for more people, I do think that significant changes do need to take place but at this particular time, it’s what works best for me.  Increased competition between plans, increased transparency into the costs of medical services and more competition between medical providers are all things that need to happen through the free market.  Employer-provided plans serve to remove the consumers of medical services from the costs associated with their plans.  I think what we need is more individuals taking responsibility and control.

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