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Senate Democrats have missed 60

Posted by Liberty on December 3, 2008

Chambliss wins second term in U.S. Senate

“Republican U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss beat back a prolonged challenge from Democrat Jim Martin on Tuesday to win a second term in office after a bruising four-week runoff between the one-time University of Georgia fraternity brothers.

Chambliss’s double-digit victory dashed Democrats’ dreams of securing a filibuster-proof, 60-vote ‘super majority’ in the Senate and buoyed a Republican Party battered by staggering losses in the Nov. 4 general election.”

Chambliss campaigned on Conservative principles and look what happened.  He won.  Republicans need to keep that in mind as they go back to Washington D.C.  I hope to see them use the filibuster often because in the next few years, Conservatives can expect to see a lot of highly partisan, highly liberal legislation coming down the pike.  Now is not the time for bipartisanship!

Chambliss was probably helped by the fact that this run-off election was separate from the Obama mania that swept through on November 4.  There was such a mob-mentality to election day this year.  But, hard-core lefties are probably disappointed with Obama’s initial pre-Presidential decisions because he’s been masquerading as a centrist.  Obama lightweights will eventually be disappointed because there’s simply no way he can deliver all that he’s promised.  Hopefully in two years, Republicans will be able to pick up more seats based on the combination of their own Conservatism plus the disillusionment of Obama voters.

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