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Atheist billboard in Capitol stirs a storm

Posted by Liberty on December 4, 2008

Atheist sign joins nativity scene, tree at Capitol

“An atheist group has unveiled an anti-religion placard in the state Capitol, joining a Christian Nativity scene and “holiday tree” on display during December.

The atheists’ sign was installed Monday by Washington members of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a national group based in Madison, Wis.

With a nod to the winter solstice – the year’s shortest day, occurring in late December – the placard reads, in part, ‘There is only our natural world. Religion is but myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds.'”

Atheist billboard in Capitol stirs a storm

After this story was featured on The O’Reilly Factor last night, Queen Christine’s office has been deluged with calls for the atheist display to be removed.  It helps that O’Reilly gave her phone number out on national TV–its 360-902-4111, just in case you’re wondering.  Rumor on the street is she’s got that phone number going to voice mail at this time, so persistence is key.  You can also call the general information number at the Capitol at 1-800-562-6000.

Kirby Wilbur, a local talk show host on AM 570 KVI [5:00 am to 9:00 am, also streaming live] has been making the point that the Christmas tree, Nativity scene and Jewish menorah are all symbols.  Rather than promoting atheism, the atheists are simply making a statement against religion.  What a petty gesture from people who are nothing more that self-absorbed activists.  Their pathetic little sign certainly isn’t affirming the joys of atheism…because there aren’t any.  While Christians and Jews use positive symbols like trees and menorahs in their celebrations, the atheists are relying upon and spreading negativity.  Most of us celebrate this season as a time of hope for mankind, joy and gratitude for our many blessings.  It almost makes me feel sorry for these silly atheists.  Their lives must be so empty.

2 Responses to “Atheist billboard in Capitol stirs a storm”

  1. Naumadd said

    This issue is a “storm” for two reasons – American christians assume the United States is a christian nation rather than a secular one, i.e., equal respect for all peaceful philosophies. They also assume and have assumed for a very long time that celebrations at this time of year are specifically christian and ONLY christian. Yes, yes, I know that is what many wish to believe, however, historical fact prevails – this is the time of winter solstice, a phenomenon that would occur with or without human beings present. Human beings have celebrated or noted this astronomical and seasonal change for a time longer than the history of christianity and its somewhat copycat traditions.

    If it were not for christian assumptions about a good many things – wrong assumptions – the reason for the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s display might not exist and, certainly, without christian assumptions, such a display would go relatively unnoticed. The sign says some very important things, not the least of which “may reason prevail”. In light of the reactions to its presence, a very important message indeed.

  2. Liberty said

    Naumadd, thanks for your comment. Whether you like it or not, however, America was founded on Christian principles and we remain a Christian majority nation. Most people in America celebrate Christmas, with varying degrees of religiosity and secularism. I don’t blame atheists for feeling a little left out this time of year and I don’t dispute their right to have a display in the Capitol. But the message on their sign is negative and constitutes an attack on religion. Just as I wouldn’t support a Christian-backed sign with a negative message about atheists, I don’t believe the atheists’ sign currently on display is appropriate.

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