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Check out the Crosscut Blog for more Washington State government waste

Posted by Liberty on December 12, 2008

From the Crosscut blog:

Olympia’s kudzu of commissions

“The Washington Policy Center emailed a link to a Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee report released Dec. 3 that makes recommendations about what to do with the state’s out-of-control proliferation of boards and commissions (pdf). In fact, as the report indicates, tracking them all down is tough, let alone getting a handle of what they do. Or don’t do.”

Washington Policy Center–great group.  A lot of useful information on their website!

“The legislature has already determined there are too many boards and commissions, some 470, ranging from the Dry Pea and Lentil Commission and the Noxious Weed Control Board to the Public Disclosure Commission and the Board of Massage. Some do actual work overseeing public universities, watchdogging industry, advising policy makers, and licensing professionals from denturists to funeral directors. But together with various ad hoc committees and symbolic entities — not to mention groups created as a sop to various constituencies — getting a handle on them has been difficult.”

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