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K-12 panel chief urges tax hike

Posted by Liberty on December 12, 2008

Look out!  Dan Grimm says sales tax on services would help fund education changes!

K-12 panel chief urges tax hike

“The chairman of a legislative task force exploring how to improve the way the state pays for K-12 education says a tax increase is the responsible way to pay for the roughly $3 billion worth of ideas in the group’s final report.

Dan Grimm, a former state legislator from Puyallup as well as a two-term state treasurer, said Thursday that he was inspired by a phone call and letter from Gov. Chris Gregoire to propose an extension of the sales tax to services. That would make things such as doctor’s visits and financial advice subject to sales tax.”

If this governor “inspires” anything in me, it’s a desire for a Boston Tea Party-style tax revolt!  When will it be enough?

Luckily, there is a website for the Basic Education Finance Task Force.  I’ll be contacting them to voice my opposition to more taxes for public education.  Dan Grimm, the task force chair, can be reached at  The full contact list is here.  Public schools in Washington State already get lottery money, timber money, money from the general fund, federal funding, as well as local bonds and levies.  The problem is how schools choose to spend the money, not that Washington taxpayers don’t pay enough.  In light of the weak economy, it would be highly irresponsible for the legislature and Queen Christine to force any more taxes upon the already over-taxed State of Washington!

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