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Washington State casino irony…I will explain

Posted by Liberty on January 2, 2009

State asks where people drank, drove

Washington State Patrol officers asked drivers stopped on suspicion of DUI where they had been drinking. 

“Statewide, the Tulalip Resort Casino topped the list with 58 reports of people citing the business as the last place where they drank.”

WSP will use this information to fine-tune their enforcement tactics in the future.

“Authorities use the information to boost patrols, bar and restaurant visits and conduct undercover operations, Liquor Control Board spokesman Brian Smith said.”

Here’s what I think is ironic:  all of this enforcement costs money.  And, that’s fine.  In fact, I would put stopping drunk drivers on my extremely short list of things that the government actually should be doing.  What I think is ironic is that Queen Christine signed gaming agreements with the tribes that don’t require revenue sharing.  Their facility is clearly a problem as far as drunk drivers go but it will be the taxpayers that bear the burden, not the tribes.  Ironic.

2 Responses to “Washington State casino irony…I will explain”

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  2. free bet said

    Hi, very interesting post. I dont think it should be on the casino’s to make sure this doesnt happen.Happy New Year!

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