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A pattern of violence emerges in the Skagit Valley

Posted by Liberty on January 9, 2009

Here are links to three stories from today’s headlines on

Man arraigned on first-degree murder

Man gets 2 years for threats against wife

Suspected drive-by shooter jailed, waiting for trial

We’ve been experiencing a cultural shift in this area for some time and I predict have only just begun to feel the consequences.  It is very un-politically correct to say this but the Skagit Valley has a major problem with crime in the Hispanic community and much of it is gang-related.  Unfortunately, we are all in danger here, regardless of race, ethnicity or any other factor.

I also have to mention that I think it’s interesting that enables their comment feature on inane editorials about flooded creeks or lamentations over the shuttering of the WWU football program but not on real, hard news stories.  Whenever they publish a story that could potentially be controversial, they don’t include  the option for readers to comment.  It begs the question, what is the point of having a comment function on your news website if you are afraid of what your readers will say?

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