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Thank you, Mr. President…President Bush, that is

Posted by Liberty on January 20, 2009

On this Inauguration morning, I would be remiss if I did not express my gratitude to President George W. Bush.  President Bush, thank you for your eight years of service as our Commander in Chief.  You have governed with dignity, integrity and a clear reverence for the office that you have held.  I haven’t always agreed with you but I have always respected you.  You have been steadfast in your convictions, especially concerning the war on terror.  I’m confident that you’ve used every piece of information at your disposal to make the hard decisions about the safety of our country.  Thank you for what must have been the eight most difficult years of your life.  I pray that history will judge you kindly.

I’d also like to thank Mrs. Bush, for being the very definition of what a first lady should be.  Thank you for your eight years of service as well.  You’ve been mindful of your proper role as the wife of our Commander in Chief and you have represented our nation well.

Now, many of the same people that have been dragging Bush’s reputation through the mud for the past eight years are pronouncing that we all must celebrate and respect Obama.  By all means, Obama, you are entitled to all the respect that the Left has shown to my President.  President Bush has been mocked; marched against; burned in effigy; ridiculed on morning drive radio, prime time tv and everywhere in between.  He’s been the subject of biased newscasts, slanderous books and bitter bumper stickers.  From even before his first day in office, President Bush has faced an onslaught of anger from the Left and he has borne their abuse with grace.

The Left has been relentless in it’s disrespect for President Bush and for the country that I love.  The Left has been unceasingly rude and contemptuous towards anyone who would dare defend President Bush.  And now these same people are asking, nay, demanding, that I show respect for President-elect Obama?  What goes around comes around.  What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.  If their style of “respect” was good enough for President Bush then it’s certainly fitting for Obama.  Maybe thinking that way doesn’t make me a “high road” kind of gal but it certainly indicates that I’m a believer in fairness.  Hey Obama!  My respect isn’t like one of those “tax cuts” that you’ll give to people who pay no federal income tax.  You actually have to earn it.

God Bless America and God help us over the next four years.  We are going to need it!

2 Responses to “Thank you, Mr. President…President Bush, that is”

  1. Very well said! I couldn’t agree more. I wrote my own ‘thank-you’ a few nights ago, and have been glad to find others who feel the same. I will forever be thankful to President Bush for keeping me and my family safe for the past seven years.

    Great blog. Keep up the good work.

  2. Liberty said

    Thanks! I read your post thanking President Bush–you put your thoughts quite eloquently. We all have so much to be thankful for! How wonderful that President Bush and his response to the 9-11 attacks helped bring you into the enlightened world of Conservatism. It’s an optimistic place to be, even now!

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