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Grocers don’t like state liquor store plans

Posted by Liberty on January 26, 2009

Grocers don’t like state liquor store plans

“Independent grocers don’t like Gov. Chris Gregoire’s plan to raise money by opening more state-controlled liquor stores.

It’s part of Gregoire’s plan to bridge a nearly $6 billion deficit. She hopes to get about $21 million over the next two years by opening more liquor stores, and expanding Sunday sales.

But the Washington Food Industry group, which represents independent grocery stores, is against that idea.

President Jan Gee tells The Olympian that state liquor stores should get out of selling beer and wine, because they compete with private businesses. State liquor stores already have a monopoly on hard alcohol.

House Minority Leader Richard DeBolt, R-Chehalis, also worries about the state competing with business.”

I agree with Minority Leader DeBolt–doesn’t the state of Washington do enough to make things tough on business owners?

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