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Stimulus sham: funding for voter fraud and “community organizing”

Posted by Liberty on January 29, 2009

ObamACORN payback: It’s still in there

“On Monday, I noted GOP House Speaker John Boehner’s warning about the ObamACORN funding provisions in the House version of the Generational Theft Act of 2009.”

Michelle Malkin has a link to the exact spot in the stimulus plan that outlines how ACORN will angle for stimulus dollars.  This is an outrage…and not the last one that we’ll find in this bill.  Remember that website I told you about?

2 Responses to “Stimulus sham: funding for voter fraud and “community organizing””

  1. Ray said

    I can’t believe the lies you feed to your simple minded ditto-heads. ACORN was the VICTIM of fraud when some contractors of theirs were making up bogus voter registrations. For example, one turned in bunch of registrations with the name “mickey mouse”. these contractors got paid for each reg. they turned in so it was ACORN that got ripped off, and ACORN that reported it. As for voter fraud, that might make sense if a bunch of people came out of nowhere and claimed to be “mickey mouse” and then voted, but of course, that didn’t happen and that’s the part you can’t let your simple minded fans know. Now if you look at the other side, there were REAL cases of VOTER fraud, not registration fraud, when republicans “caged” voters and purged rolls in cities across the nation. Michelle, are you evil or just really stupid, I gotta know.

  2. Liberty said

    Oh, so it was actually the Republicans committing voter fraud…not the Democrats via ACORN. I guess that explains why Republicans won so many races in 2008. And ACORN is the victim here–wow! Good gravy, how could I have gotten that so backwards! What an amazing coincidence that those crooked contractors working for ACORN committed the same kind of fraud in what…like 15 states, that we know of so far? Thanks for setting me straight, Ray.

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