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What will Washington’s living wage be if all the businesses leave?

Posted by Liberty on March 2, 2009

Update 12:18 pm:
For those of you who don’t read the comments, I received a comment from Representative Miloscia regarding this post. I’d like to take the opportunity to make a correction to my earlier post. My statement that Representative Miloscia lacks private sector experience was inaccurate. He does, in fact, have quite a bit of private sector experience. He has run or managed a variety of companies and has served as a business consultant as well.
The last thing that I want to do here is base my arguments on false information. I’d like to thank Representative Miloscia for bringing this error to my attention and I’d like to apologize for mischaracterizing his work experience.

A ‘living’ wage apparently is between $9.70 and $11.55 an hour

Great blog post by Joe Turner from the Tacoma News Tribune.  State Representative Mark Miloscia [that’s the porn tax guy] has put another bill on the table.

“Miloscia has introduced House Bill 1716, which would require ‘living wages’ be paid after Jan. 1, 2010 to anyone being paid under a contract let by the state Community, Trade and Economic Development Department.”


“If the employee gets health coverage, those wages would be $9.70 an hour. Without health coverage, the pay would be $11.55 an hour.”

Washington State’s minimum wage just recently went up to $8.55 an hour.  While I’m sure Representative Miloscia has nothing but the best intentions for the workers of Washington State, a “living wage” dictated by state government is the last thing we need.  It doesn’t do much good to be perpetually legislating in favor of the workers if the same legislation discourages companies from doing business here in Washington.

I looked into Miloscia’s background [from his campaign website] and discovered that he appears to have no private sector job experience.  He was an Air Force pilot [and thank you for your service, Representative Miloscia], a substitute teacher, director or executive director for a couple of non-profits and a utility district commissioner.  Perhaps if Representative Miloscia had run his own small business and had to meet a payroll, he would have a better understanding of the burdens employers already face.

4 Responses to “What will Washington’s living wage be if all the businesses leave?”

  1. Mark Miloscia said

    You could have called me up and asked for my business experience before you made an incorrect or false statement. Thank you for recognizing my AF service.

    I do understand the burdens more than most. I ran and was responsible for the P&L for 5 different businesses during my career: Landscaping, Janitorial, Contract Assembly and Packaging, Temporary Employment Services, and Mental Health Counseling. I have started businesses and closed businesses.

    I won’t even mention my years of experience contracting with, consulting for, and auditing many private sector companies from Fortune 500 companies to family run businesses.

    Let’s talk the issue rather than attack my supposed lack of private sector experience

  2. Liberty said

    Here is my e-mailed response to Representative Mark Miloscia:
    Dear Representative Miloscia,
    I stand corrected about your work experience and do humbly apologize for my inaccuracy. My post will be updated to reflect the fact that you do in fact have extensive experience in the private sector and I will take full responsibility for what I wrote earlier. I checked your campaign website to find out about your background but should have investigated further. Thank you for reminding me how important accuracy is–I will take the opportunity to be more diligent in my research. I certainly don’t want errors to detract from my opinion that this type of top-down regulation would be detrimental to Washington businesses.
    In spite of our differences, thank you for serving in the House. I’m sure it is not as easy as those of us on the outside imagine that it is. Please accept my apology.
    Liberty at Bold Colors Blog

  3. shapz said

    You didn’t bother to check the facts before you publish a statement about a man’s business experience? Even Miloscia’s campaign Web site upon which you claimed to have based your statement makes it clear that he had such experience.
    This is another reason why narrow-interest bloggers with an ax to grind will never be an acceptable replacement for legitimate news reporters.

  4. Liberty said

    I went by the information presented on his campaign website. The campaign website lists his employment as follows:
    Substitute Teacher, Federal Way School District and Catholic Archdiocese
    Former Executive Director, Federal Way Youth and Family Services
    Former Director, Goodwill Industries of Tacoma
    Former Commissioner, Lakehaven Utility District
    None of those are a private sector business so you could see how,
    given that information, I could draw the conclusion that he lacked private sector experience. Federal Way Youth and Family Services and Goodwill are non-profits. Teaching in a public school district and being a utility commissioner are public sector jobs. This is the information that Representative Miloscia has presented on his own campaign website and the same work history is on his House Democrat home page. No more, no less. For my original post, I used the information that was available at the time. Representative Miloscia provided additional information about his work experience, which I have gladly used to amend my post.
    As far as “narrow interest bloggers with an ax to grind” becoming an acceptable replacement for your chosen media source, time will tell. One thing is clear to me: my narrow little blog reaches way fewer people than left-wing newspaper columnists, pop-culture magazine writers, alphabet network twits and cable tv ranters. Are you worried about their axes?

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