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Even partisan Democrats are beginning to acknowledge Obama’s lurch to the left

Posted by Liberty on March 7, 2009

Opposition to Obama is forming up fast

“As a lifelong Democrat, I am concerned that President Obama could come out of his first 100 days decidedly weaker than when they began. His November victory was not as strong as anticipated, given the unpopularity of the outgoing Bush administration, a weakening economy, and an often inept McCain-Palin Republican ticket. Yet Obama has proceeded as if he were a landslide winner, like Lyndon Johnson in 1965 and Reagan in 1980, and has pushed forward a costly and ambitious domestic agenda even though we remain in a severe economic downturn.

Obama’s audacity — I consider it politically dangerous overreach — has energized Republicans and, in particular, conservatives as they would not have been had Obama followed the bipartisan, consensus path he promised on taking office. The politically polarizing economic-stimulus package and his proposed federal budget have done it.”

This brings one word to my mind this morning: hope.

2 Responses to “Even partisan Democrats are beginning to acknowledge Obama’s lurch to the left”

  1. Godless American said

    The article is written by Ted Van Dyk. Democrat he may be, by his own assertion, centrist he isn’t.
    Here’s a list of articles he’s written lately.
    -How big a change can Obama produce?
    -Hold your nose and pass the bailout ammo
    -Disturbing sub-texts to Obama’s big win
    -Kissing off the bipartisan approach, for now
    -Why so many stumbles for Obama?

    Still think this guy is central? If so, you’re in a different reality.

  2. Liberty said

    Hmmm…not quite sure how the “centrist” label is relevant to my post. The article is by Ted Van Dyk and I have never been under the impression that he is a centrist. He is a Democrat and fairly liberal in my opinion. But despite the political differences that Van Dyk and I may have, I respect him for taking his responsibility as a journalist seriously. Unlike most of the popular media, he’s daring to question Obama’s policies and judgement. The same main stream media that spent eight years relentlessly criticizing all things George W. Bush is remarkably incurious about President Obama and how his policies will affect the country.

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