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Socialized medicine and prescription prices

Posted by Liberty on March 16, 2009

Canadians Pay 2X As Much For Generic Drugs

Take a look at Carpe Diem today.  If more people did, socialized medicine would never be imposed on the American people.

“The evidence suggests that generic retail drug prices are higher in Canada than they are in the United States because of various provincial and federal policies in Canada that are not found in the US.”

One Response to “Socialized medicine and prescription prices”

  1. barndoor cowlegs said

    The only thing coming close to socialized care in the U$ is HR 676. Despite Obama’s claims that everything is on the table, they have left out HR 676, single payer health care for all. The majority of Americans want a single-payer system, and 64 representatives in congress sponsor the bill. There is plenty of money and innovation in this company to make drug prices lower, and to give us all health care, I submit that it would help our economy as well. Unfortunately, the new administration is more concerned with their campaign donors making profits than they are with the well being of the citizenry. The ideas espoused by the Obama administration are not socialist, they are capitalist, and insurance companies stand to make a lot of money off of insurance mandates.

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