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What the kids are really learning in school

Posted by Liberty on April 26, 2009

‘Greenies’ scaring our children with misinformation

“The most insidious part of the Earth Day movement is how it has fully infiltrated our schools. They are successfully scaring the pants off our kids.

So much so that a new Opinion Research poll of America’s preteens shows that one in three children fears an Earth apocalypse. An astonishing 75 percent of black children and 65 percent of Hispanic children believe the planet will be irrevocably changed by the time they’re adults.

What does that tell you? There are larger concentrations of minorities in the cities. There’s also a larger concentration of liberals pushing this apocalyptic garbage in the cities.

They are brainwashing our kids into losing sleep over a myth. Almost 60 percent of metropolitan area kids as a whole feel we’re doomed while 47 percent of suburban kids have such fears.”

I found this column by Phil Valentine pretty interesting.  I wish more people [like those clowns in Congress] would accept the fact that arctic ice is actually increasing.

One Response to “What the kids are really learning in school”

  1. Great post. This is the reason we’re in the trouble we’re in right now. For decades, our school system has been systematically taken over by the left, and children may now be brought up to believe their agenda. Makes it so much easier for them, as these children continue this thinking into their adulthood. It is harder then for them to change their thinking, even when presented with facts.

    We conservatives must focus our attention over the next several years on getting conservatives back into the school system, or, as I’ve told a friend of mine, my hope lies in the homeschooled.

    Thanks for all you do!

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