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The porno tax–why you ought not support it

Posted by Liberty on February 11, 2009

Washington lawmaker wants huge porn tax to restore GAU cuts

Have you heard about the proposed 18.5% tax on “adult”entertainment? 

“State Rep. Mark Miloscia, D-Federal Way, is prime sponsor of House Bill 2103, which would levy an 18.5 percent tax on all visual or audio pornographic materials.

But he’s not the only one.

House Majority Leader Lynn Kessler, D-Hoquiam, has signed on. So have Reps. Al O’Brien, D-Mountlake Terrace, Bob Hasegawa, D-Seattle, John McCoy, D-Tulalip, and Marilyn Chase, D-Shoreline.”

The tax would apply to all forms of pornographic material–magazines, movies, phone services, photos, cable tv services, etc.  It would be used to restore funding to General Assistance Unemployable (GAU) and Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Support Act (ADATSA) programs that have been cut [or failed to grow, which equals a cut in bureaucrat speak] under Queen Christine’s budget.  So, why am I opposed to this?  Why am I calling 1-800-562-6000 later today to let my legislators know that this is a bad idea?

Trust me, it’s not because I like porn.  It’s not because I think that porn is a good influence upon our society; it certainly is not.  It’s not because I think the people who create and distribute porn are worthy of being defended; they aren’t.  I oppose this on principle.  I don’t believe the State of Washington should be taking another penny from any of us, even filthy porn users.   They confiscate enough and they redistribute enough already.  Government has a seemingly insatiable appetite for our money.  Maybe filthy porn users aren’t the most sympathetic group to choose to defend but here I am, making my case because I am so fed up with the taxes.

I also think it is potentially dangerous to have government trying to influence and control our behaviors.  So they’re targeting pornography today.  Who’s to say they won’t take this concept [an exhorbitant tax on a behavior they don’t like] and apply it to other target groups.  Are we going to see higher ammunition taxes because some politician doesn’t want you shooting your guns?  A lot of kids get hurt on trampolines…maybe there should be a tax on trampolines.  They want your kids signed up on SCHIP anyway.  A trampoline tax will just pay to fix all those broken arms and bonked heads.  An extra tax on auto parts to make you re-think repairing your car instead of opting for mass transit?  Maybe I’m extrapolating too far but you never know when government is involved.

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This is really pathetic

Posted by Liberty on January 30, 2009

Switch to digital TV may leave many in the dark

I’m warning you, if you have sympathy that some technologically-challenged people are no longer going to be able to watch “Oprah” or “The Young and the Restless” or “The Price is Right” over their damn rabbit ears…just click the back button now.

“That so many viewers around the country risk losing something as basic as a free television signal is a function, at least in part, of the government’s failure to anticipate that those most affected would be among the nation’s most frail and vulnerable.”

Do we as a society care more about “basic rights” like being able to watch pop culture crap for free than about rights actually enumerated in the Bill of Rights?  We’re already seeing an assualt on Rush Limbaugh’s freedom of speech [and by extension, the free expression of all Conservatives].  I can only imagine how badly our Second Amendment rights will be degraded during the course of the Obama administration.  Our very safety and sovereignty is at risk on the Southern border and we are changing courses against Islamic terrorism as well.  But heaven forbid that these old fogies should have to take responsibility for themselves to ensure that they remain entertained.

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Seattle Homicide Stats Don’t Support Nickels Gun Ban Scheme, Says SAF

Posted by Liberty on January 5, 2009

Seattle Homicide Stats Don’t Support Nickels Gun Ban Scheme, Says SAF

“Homicide statistics for 2008 in Seattle do not justify a proposal by anti-gun Mayor Greg Nickels to ban legally-carried handguns from public property, nor his plan to lobby for a change in the state’s preemption law, the Bellevue-based Second Amendment Foundation said today.


‘Less than half of Seattle’s homicides in 2008 involved firearms,’ noted SAF founder Alan Gottlieb, ‘and about one-third were gang-related. Yet Mayor Nickels would have the public believe there is a dire need to violate state statute and the civil rights of law-abiding gun owners, by challenging a state preemption statute that has stood for more than two decades as a model of efficiency and effectiveness that other states have copied.’


Gottlieb noted that Seattle’s 28 homicides pale in comparison to those logged in similar-sized cities, where concealed carry is forbidden. Milwaukee, WI reported 71 homicides in 2008, and Washington, D.C. posted 186 killings. Only in Seattle may citizens legally carry concealed handguns. In Baltimore, MD, where it is virtually impossible to get a carry license, there were 234 slayings last year.”

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Mayor Greg Nickels: ideology before common sense

Posted by Liberty on November 24, 2008

Nickels expects December start to city gun ban

The Seattle P-I has confirmed that Seattle’s anti-gun activist mayor will go forward with his plan to ban all concealed weapons on city property.  The Washington State attorney general has told Nickels that his rule would violate state law but Nickels doesn’t care.  This rule will certainly be challenged by gun rights supporters.  How much tax money will Nickels waste defending this rule that has already been deemed illegal?  And will this damage his re-election hopes?  Sadly enough, behind  the deep blue iron curtain of Seattle, probably not.  If you have an opinion on this subject, you can submit it to the City of Seattle at

The Puget Sound region experienced a particularly bloody weekend with eleven people shot.  No surprise–most of the incidents are thought to be gang related.  Will Nickels advocate gang-banger control?  Probably not.  Will he take advantage of the recent violence to advance his anti-Second Amendment agenda by placing more restriction on law-abiding citizens?  You can bet on it.

11 shot, one stabbed; three dead, no arrests

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Another gun story, this one not so happy

Posted by Liberty on November 17, 2008

Girl dies after gun accident, father arrested

“A 6-year-old girl who was shot in the head while her father was cleaning a gun has died, the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office reported.”

What a tragedy.  There is no other word to use.  It’s a tragedy for the family that lost their little girl and my heart goes out to them.  This simply should not have happened. 

It is a sadly necessary reminder that carelessness is not an option when you’re handling firearms.  And stories like this give anti-gun activists one more example to point out when they demand more gun control regulations.  The father’s reckless behavior has taken his daughter’s life and has also given responsible gun owners a black eye once again. 

Please take this opportunity to review how to handle firearms safely.  You can find a lot of good safety information on the NRA’s safety website.

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South Carolina encourages residents to exercise their Second Amendment rights

Posted by Liberty on November 17, 2008

Sales tax holiday for gun purchases coming to South Carolina

“Beginning the day after Thanksgiving, South Carolina residents will have a 48-hour period when they can purchase guns, shotguns, and rifles tax-free.

The first annual Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday in the state is set to begin at 12:01 a.m. on Nov. 28 and continue through 11:59 p.m. Nov. 29.

The sales tax holiday, approved by the South Carolina General Assembly in June, will permit the purchase of fixed-cartridge handguns, shotguns, and rifles without state and local sales and use taxes.”

Wow!  As a resident of the People’s Republic of Washington State, I have to wonder what it would be like to live in a state that actually encourages its residents to exercise their Second Amendment rights.  [In this state, the only Constitutional right that people seem to care about is their right to protest California’s Prop 8 in downtown Seattle.]  Not only is South Carolina promoting one of our fundamental freedoms, they’re giving gun purchasers freedom from taxes!

Of course, the story included the obligatory quotes from gun control advocates.  In my opinion, gun control in general is unconstitutional and probably ineffective as well.  Professor John Lott Jr. wrote a terrific book a few years ago called More Guns, Less Crime] and he has a new one out called The Bias Against Guns: Why Almost Everything You’ve Heard About Gun Control is Wrong.  He’s a statician and presents very strong arguments based on empirical evidence.  You can even access some of the data that he used at  I think I’ll be ordering a copy of The Bias Against Guns–they can ship it to my new address in South Carolina.

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Gun Owners not Welcome on Obama’s White House Team

Posted by Liberty on November 14, 2008

Gun Owners not Welcome on Obama’s White House Team

If you’re an unrepentant domestic terrorist, that’s probably ok, but if you’re exercising your Constitutional right to own a firearm, well…that’s something to worry about.

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Seattle mayor once again attempting gun ban

Posted by Liberty on November 10, 2008

Mayor moves forward on gun ban plan

“The Mayor’s Office continues to build a case for the ban despite an Oct. 14 opinion issued by Attorney General Rob McKenna’s office arguing that the city cannot pre-empt state gun law. The mayor hopes to introduce an administrative order next month.”

Despite word from Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna that a Seattle gun ban would not be legal, Mayor Greg Nickels isn’t deterred.  The mayor continues to target legally owned, legally carried firearms because…maybe the gang bangers wouldn’t need to carry guns if all of their victims were unarmed. 

Nickels cites an incident that happened at this year’s Folklife Music Festival where a mentally ill man wounded several people with a handgun.  Despite his mental illness, he did have a concealed carry permit.  Instead of viewing this incident as the aberration that it was, Nickels is pushing for more restrictions on generally law-abiding gun owners.  Mayor Nickels, the problem is criminals.  If you would target criminals instead of people legally carrying firearms, Seattle would be a much safer place!

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In honor of President Elect Obama

Posted by Liberty on November 9, 2008

Today, I purchased a 9 mm handgun as a salute to our soon-to-be President, Barack Obama.  I’d been shopping around for awhile and just hadn’t been in the mood to spend the money.  This week’s election changed that, however, because liberals are sure to attack Second Amendment rights as part of their hope and change agenda.  If you’re in the market for a gun of any sort, it may be wise to make room in the budget sooner, rather than later.  If I may make a suggestion, buy something that they are sure to target, such as an “assault rifle” or a semi-auto handgun with a high capacity magazine.  The value of those most evil of guns is sure to increase.  The salesman who helped me today said that they had seen record sales since Tuesday.  Today by about 3:30 pm, they had done $26,000 worth of gun sales. 

Even if the spike in gun sales is only hype. even if the Obama administration does not take gun regulations as far as many Conservatives fear will happen, guns are just a damn good investment.  Buy them legally, store them responsibly and defend your right to own them.  The right to keep and bear arms is just one of those Conservative principles I’ll be discussing and upholding here on Bold Colors Blog.

In addition to my anecdotal evidence, here’s a link to a Reuters story about the increase in gun sales lately.  Note the use of the phase “common sense measures.”  President-elect Obama, please tell us exactly what that phrase means to you.  Oh, wait, specificity about your agenda is not your forte. 

Another from Spokane news station KXLY “Gun sales booming after Obama victory.”  All American Firearms comes highly recommended–if you’re in the market for a gun, check them out!

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