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“Every dubious ruling seems to help Al Franken”

Posted by Liberty on January 5, 2009

Funny Business in Minnesota

The [criminally unfunny] “comedian” Al Franken is successfully stealing the senate race in Minnesota.  Check out the Wall Street Journal editorial on this–it’s great!

“Strange things keep happening in Minnesota, where the disputed recount in the Senate race between Norm Coleman and Al Franken may be nearing a dubious outcome. Thanks to the machinations of Democratic Secretary of State Mark Ritchie and a meek state Canvassing Board, Mr. Franken may emerge as an illegitimate victor.”

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Al Franken is challenging what?

Posted by Liberty on November 20, 2008


This is one of the ballots that Al Franken is challenging in the Minnesota Senate Race.  Read about it in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune’s Whistleblower Blog here.

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This will give Washington State voters deja vu

Posted by Liberty on November 11, 2008

Minnesota Ripe for Election Fraud

“When voters woke up on Wednesday morning after the election, Senator Norm Coleman led Al Franken by what seemed like a relatively comfortable 725 votes. By Wednesday night, that lead had shrunk to 477. By Thursday night, it was down to 336. By Friday, it was 239. Late Sunday night, the difference had gone down to just 221 — a total change over 4 days of 504 votes.”

“With ACORN filing more than 43,000 registration forms this year, 75 percent of all new registrations in the state, Minnesota was facing vote fraud problems even before the election. Even a small percentage of those registrations resulting in fraudulent votes could tip this election.”

A quick note about other news coverage of this issue:  Calling Al Franken a comedian is a serious exaggeration.  The guy is just not funny.  Neither is the possibility of a filibuster-proof Senate with Nancy Pelosi driving the bus.

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