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Thank you, NewsBusters for confirming what I already knew

Posted by Liberty on December 11, 2008

MRC/NB’s Graham on Cavuto Discussing Media Dropping the (D) in Blago Coverage

“‘This is a pattern we’ve seen for many years, especially when it comes to scandal. We call it drop the (D). You see stories like this [Blagojevich],’ all the time NewsBusters Senior Editor Tim Graham told FNC’s Neil Cavuto. While some print outlets just bury the Democratic label deep within an article, ‘a lot of times on television we’re not seeing that [the party label] at all. We’ve seen that in the Blagojevich coverage. You could have watched CBS today and not found a single mention,’ that the indicted Illinois Governor is a Democrat, Graham added.”

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Obama team faces an early test of its ability to weather a storm

Posted by Liberty on December 11, 2008

Obama team faces an early test of its ability to weather a storm

“Republicans have raised questions about Obama’s refusal to say more and about his past ties with the main characters. Even if Obama remains untouched by the investigation, it shines a light on the corrupt politics of the state he emerged from and takes attention away from the agenda of change he would rather emphasize.”

Is there anybody out there who hasn’t already heard of Obama’s questionable associations?  Reverend Wright, Father Pfleger, William Ayers, Bernadine Dorn, Tony Rezko, Rashid Khalidi…Rod Blagojevich is just one more name on the list.

It’s funny how now that Obama has been elected, the Associated Press now admits that he really has had questionable associations.  If the MSM had been honest, they would have published information like this when it was really relevant:  before the election!

Questionable associations of Obama

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Reading Sweetness & Light for Blagogate

Posted by Liberty on December 10, 2008

Check out for a lot of info on the scandal involving disgraced Democrat governor Rod Blagojevich.  They go into Obama’s connection with Blago and also the involvement of the SEIU.

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