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Washington State tax dollars at work: should it be Almond Roca or Aplets & Cotlets

Posted by Liberty on December 30, 2008

Official State Candy

“A state lawmaker from Wenatchee says
he’ll introduce legislation to name Aplets & Cotlets the official
candy of Washington.

      Rep. Mike Armstrong says the cubes of nuts and apple and apricot
gelatin, covered with powdered sugar, have been made by Liberty
Orchards in Cashmere since 1920. He says they are made from
Washington fruit and identify the state to confection lovers

      But the bill could face stiff opposition from backers of Almond
Roca – the crunchy treat that has been made by Brown & Haley in
Tacoma since 1912. In 2001 a bill was introduced to make it the
state candy. It failed to pass.

      Armstrong says his colleagues might appreciate a non-budget
issue to debate in the session of the Legislature that begins Jan.

First of all, I like both Almond Roca and Aplets & Cotlets.  They’re both tasty but neither of them should be the “official” candy of Washington State.  Want to know why?  Because our lawmakers shouldn’t be wasting time and tax-payers’ dollars so frivolously.  You can contact Representative Armstrong through his website.

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