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It’s karma, baby!

Posted by Liberty on December 16, 2008

WA burglar dies in fire he set

“The Benton County sheriff’s office says a man found dead in a burning motor home apparently set the fire in an attempt to cover up a burglary.”

And no tax dollars were spent trying him, convicting him and jailing him.  How convenient.

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Seattle mayor once again attempting gun ban

Posted by Liberty on November 10, 2008

Mayor moves forward on gun ban plan

“The Mayor’s Office continues to build a case for the ban despite an Oct. 14 opinion issued by Attorney General Rob McKenna’s office arguing that the city cannot pre-empt state gun law. The mayor hopes to introduce an administrative order next month.”

Despite word from Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna that a Seattle gun ban would not be legal, Mayor Greg Nickels isn’t deterred.  The mayor continues to target legally owned, legally carried firearms because…maybe the gang bangers wouldn’t need to carry guns if all of their victims were unarmed. 

Nickels cites an incident that happened at this year’s Folklife Music Festival where a mentally ill man wounded several people with a handgun.  Despite his mental illness, he did have a concealed carry permit.  Instead of viewing this incident as the aberration that it was, Nickels is pushing for more restrictions on generally law-abiding gun owners.  Mayor Nickels, the problem is criminals.  If you would target criminals instead of people legally carrying firearms, Seattle would be a much safer place!

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