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Land of the free…

Posted by Liberty on March 23, 2009

Lead poisoning law has side effect

“In all his years of riding motorcycles, 63-year-old Ted Micone of Yakima County has yet to see a child get lead poisoning from one.

That’s why he’s baffled by a new federal law that took effect Feb. 10. It came about after a deluge of China-made products were recalled starting in 2006, prompting outcries from parents and consumer groups.

Included in the law are revised lead limits for off-road and recreational vehicles designed for kids – effectively halting the sale of such machines across the country.”

Honestly, I’m speechless.  Just since February, this lead law has restricted individual freedom and negatively affected businesses of all kinds, from toy stores to consignment stores and now ATV dealerships.  The federal government is also usurping parental authority–as a parent, I view it as my right and responsibility to make decisions about my child’s safety.

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Thomas Sowell on compulsory community service

Posted by Liberty on December 2, 2008

What’s Left of Freedom

I read this article this morning on National and liked it.  Freedom has been on my mind lately, probably because I’ve been reading about the American Revolution in A Patriot’s History of the United States by Michael Allen and Larry Schweikert.  [Fantastic book, by the way.  I highly recommend it.]  Why is it that American society values so many other concepts [community service, multiculturalism, environmentalism, etc.] ahead of individual liberty?  Individual liberty is not an out-dated idea–it’s fundamental to the survival of America.

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