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Did you catch ABC’s “Ugly Americans?”

Posted by Liberty on January 10, 2009

I didn’t watch this show but did see the promo for it the other day.  ABC apparently is running some kind of a hidden camera show and they had a segment featuring an “American” couple in Paris.  The promo showed them gasping that the Eiffel tower was almost just like that tower they have in Las Vegas [but not as big], wearing matching George Bush t-shirts and generally being noisy and offensive to the suave, sophisticated Europeans.  When I read up on the show online, my suspicions were confirmed–this supposedly entertaining little segment was yet another George Bush smear from the main stream media.  The Left is relentless–even with their chosen one in office, they are still hard at work bashing Conservatives, Republicans and George Bush. 

ABC’s ‘Ugly Americans’: Obnoxious George Bush Supporters

“These actors went out of their way to be literally as obnoxious as possible. The ‘wife’ was ridiculously rambunctious at every turn, and the ‘husband’ began singing the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ when their boat left its dock, and actually shouted ‘George Bush!’(why??) when posing for snapshots. Yeah, sure sounds like a  ‘typical’ American to me.

The kicker of the segment was when the ‘couple’ stopped by a local café. After bewildering the other patrons with their ridiculous antics, commentator John Quiñones offers the kicker (on part 2 of the segment, at approx. -04:39 on the video): 

QUIÑONES: Apparently not everyone’s amused by our couple’s t-shirts — or their politics. This woman is German.

GERMAN WOMAN: This is nearly as if I had a t-shirt: ‘I Like Hitler,’ you know?”

ABC’s not-so-subtle message:  George Bush = Hitler. 

ABC’s pathetically transparent agenda brings to mind something that Rush was talking about this week.  He made the point that the Left owns the popular culture in America.  Astute Conservatives may be highly attuned to spotting the biases in everything from commercials to news broadcasts but not everyone examines the world at large with a political magnifying glass.  The casual media consumer is inundated with Left-wing bias.  My question is, how do Conservatives counter it?

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