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Renewal time for the Skagit GOP?

Posted by Liberty on January 19, 2009

It’s the time of year when the local encampments of political parties boot out the old and welcome in the new, in terms of leadership, that is.  There was an article in the Skagit Valley Herald this weekend about the changing of the guard at the Skagit GOP.  It seems that the Skagit GOP keeps a pretty low profile so I always read the article when there actually is one.  I don’t know of the media doesn’t offer much coverage or if they aren’t really doing much that’s newsworthy or if they actually enjoy their anonymity.  You’d think they would see the obvious benefit in having the public know that they even exist.

County GOP’s new leader says party needs to regroup

“Conservative leaders here say President-elect Barack Obama and Democrats riding his coattails at state and local levels grabbed the youth vote with tech-savvy campaigning and promises of the good life. Now, they say, it is up to conservatives to learn from their losses as they regroup and reorganize for the future.

‘I think the mechanics of the Obama campaign were stupendous,’ said new Skagit County Republican Party Chairman Bob Eberle, 72, a La Conner resident and former state representative. ‘And I think the Republicans better learn from that. They have got to get into the modern world.'”

That sounds promising.

“Not only did Democrats beat Republicans with better online campaigning and fundraising, Eberlesaid, they also won out because Republicans strayed from traditional conservative values: protecting the pocket book, acting ethically, holding regulation at bay and protecting the nation. Only on the latter did the Bush administration and Washington, D.C. Republicans succeed, he said.”

So we’ve been hearing this kind of trouble-shooting since November 5 but he is on the right track.  No problems there.  The thing that really resonates with me about Chairman Eberle’s statement here is that he puts the responsibility for GOP failings squarely where it belongs–with the Republican party.  But when we get to the quotes from the out-going chair–that’s when we get a little insight into what’s been on the mind of leadership for the past four years. 

“Ann Marie Humphreys, who just stepped down after four years as the county’s party chairwoman, wants to return to those same values. But it will be a challenge, she said, because young voters are not as galvanized around conservative ideas as they once were.

She said many first-time voters were drawn in by Obama’s youth and by what she calls his ‘socialist’ or ‘communist’ ideas.

‘We have a country that is turning on a socialistic scale, and in the process of doing that, you have young people that are going over to the other side, hand outs,’ she said.

Humphreys, 68, said children are being ‘brainwashed’ in universities and even high schools to be socialists and communists and, in short, to vote for politicians like Obama.

‘Everything is handed down to them that they do not have to go out to work,’ she said. ‘… The parents are not allowed to reprehend without the children saying, ‘Don’t you put a hand on me. I will report you to the police.’”

Hmm…where to start.  I’ve read similarly incoherent quotes from former chairwoman Humphreys in prior Herald articles.  Those incoherent quotes that I’m thinking of also had the same condescending tone towards younger voters.  Maybe the reporter is taking her out of context…hopefully the reporter is taking her out of context. 

From Skagit Democrats rejoice in Obama victory

“Annmarie Humphreys, chair of the Skagit County Republican Party, blames the youth for the election results.

‘You had the youth out this time like you’ve never had before,’ Humphreys said. ‘Young people haven’t been around long enough to know that a person is more than an individual standing up there and speaking.’”

Insulting younger voters is not the path that the Skagit GOP will successfully take towards re-building.  Chairman Eberle’s first action as chair should be to make sure that former chairwoman Humphreys has no further contact with the media.  Either she has a penchant for making ridiculous, inarticulate statements or she’s giving the reporter way too much divergent material, thus making it more likely that she’ll be taken way out of context.

When you blame a segment of the voting population for the outcome of an election, you’d better be basing that on something concrete.  Just making a general statement about how the schools are turning all the kids into communists and socialists makes Conservatives sound negative, extreme and well…old.

In order to successfully renew itself, the GOP as a whole needs to articulate a clear Conservative message.  They need to translate for the general public how the philosophies of Conservatism are relevant to how a lot of us live our lives.  They need to talk of the free market, of individual rights and responsibilities, of reducing the tyranny of government.  They need to make people understand how a more Conservative government would benefit them.  And, they need to be a lot more savvy about what to say to the media and how to say it.

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Fortunately, this guy isn’t in charge anymore

Posted by Liberty on December 17, 2008

The suburban road for reviving local Republicans

According to former Washington GOP chair, Chris Vance, “the key is to appeal to secular suburban moderates.”  While there are little bits and pieces within this article that I basically agree with like:

“Republicans need to compete for every vote…”


“What matters is competence, results, solving problems.”


“Republicans need to seek out better, more articulate candidates at every level.”

But, there are significant flaws to Mr. Vance’s argument.

“…Republican leaders need to remember that American politics is about assembling and holding together coalitions. Republicans need to secure their conservative base, while winning back secular suburban moderates who will support Republicans on non-values based issues.”

Wasn’t McCain’s campaign all about targeting moderates?  And how did that work out for him?  The GOP has a choice.  They can continue to chase the moderate vote, testing the wind before every speech or decision, fragmenting voters into little groups and and crafting a message for each one.  Or they can articulate Conservatism.  You know which one I’d choose. 

Vance also lays a lot of the blame for the 2008 election at the feet of President George W. Bush, while ignoring effects of the Obama cult of personality and extreme left-wing media bias. 

“Personal qualities matter and too often Democratic candidate are simply more impressive and articulate than those offered by the GOP. Saturday Night Live is never going to do a skit implying Barack Obama isn’t intelligent.”

Yeah, SNL is pretty impartial about Barack Obama.  I wonder if Vance is trying to say, in a roundabout way, that Sarah Palin was skewered on SNL because she is unintelligent. 

Vance is correct when he says that Republicans

“need to present clear alternatives on issues like education, transportation, health care, energy, and the environment. Most importantly, they need to explain why they have a better idea when it comes to growing the economy and creating jobs. Republicans should support low taxes and pro-growth policies, but then they need to complete their sentence.”

but he’s wrong to assume that Conservatives will turn out for the GOP if their candidates focus on chasing moderates and independents.  The 2008 election proves that.  I have an idea.  Let’s just be Conservatives…not “secular suburbanites” or “rural values voters” or “Wal-Mart voters.”  Let’s have one message, clear and simple.  We should be able to explain it in different ways and relate it to different lifestyles but our core philosophy of Conservatism should remain steadfast.

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Senate Democrats have missed 60

Posted by Liberty on December 3, 2008

Chambliss wins second term in U.S. Senate

“Republican U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss beat back a prolonged challenge from Democrat Jim Martin on Tuesday to win a second term in office after a bruising four-week runoff between the one-time University of Georgia fraternity brothers.

Chambliss’s double-digit victory dashed Democrats’ dreams of securing a filibuster-proof, 60-vote ‘super majority’ in the Senate and buoyed a Republican Party battered by staggering losses in the Nov. 4 general election.”

Chambliss campaigned on Conservative principles and look what happened.  He won.  Republicans need to keep that in mind as they go back to Washington D.C.  I hope to see them use the filibuster often because in the next few years, Conservatives can expect to see a lot of highly partisan, highly liberal legislation coming down the pike.  Now is not the time for bipartisanship!

Chambliss was probably helped by the fact that this run-off election was separate from the Obama mania that swept through on November 4.  There was such a mob-mentality to election day this year.  But, hard-core lefties are probably disappointed with Obama’s initial pre-Presidential decisions because he’s been masquerading as a centrist.  Obama lightweights will eventually be disappointed because there’s simply no way he can deliver all that he’s promised.  Hopefully in two years, Republicans will be able to pick up more seats based on the combination of their own Conservatism plus the disillusionment of Obama voters.

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From “The Fix”: One author’s analysis of the GOP bench

Posted by Liberty on November 21, 2008

The Friday Line: Ten Republicans To Watch

In the spirit of GOP renewal, here’s Chris Cillizza’s top picks.  There are names any avid politico will will recognize like Lousiana governor Bobby Jindal and former presidential candidate & Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney but Cillizza has also included a couple of lesser known’s like Steve Poizner and John Huntsman Jr.  I’m encouraged by a couple of these choices and I highly recommend taking a look at Mr. Cillizza’s list.  I’ll leave you with one quote from Mister #6, Mark Sanford, South Carolina governor and newly elected chair of the Republican Governor’s Association.

“Some on the left will say our electoral losses are a repudiation of our principles of lower taxes, smaller government and individual liberty,” wrote Sanford in an op-ed piece for “But Tuesday was not in fact a rejection of those principles — it was a rejection of Republicans’ failure to live up to those principles.”

This next generation of Republicans just might get it!

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The GOP needs to clone this guy

Posted by Liberty on November 11, 2008

Georgia congressman warns of Obama dictatorship

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As seen on Sound–the RNC wants input

Posted by Liberty on November 10, 2008

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