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A good start but not nearly enough…

Posted by Liberty on January 16, 2009

Washington cut 186 state employees in December

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How not to fix the economy

Posted by Liberty on December 23, 2008

States set to impose bevy of new taxes

“Governors want to levy higher taxes next year on clothes, soft drinks, gasoline, auto licenses and other items that likely will hit low- and middle-income families struggling to make ends meet in a deepening recession the hardest.

Officials say they are required by law to balance budgets and that tax increases are necessary as state governments face sharply declining tax revenues, but fiscal analysts say raising these taxes during an economic downturn will only worsen local economies and prolong the recession.”


“But spending critics said that not enough attention was being paid by the national news media to the plight of taxpayers, whose incomes were being stretched even further by rising sales taxes and fees, and higher property taxes.

‘Most reporters are covering the state budgets and thinking ‘Oh, the poor states,’ and no one is looking at this from the perspective of the taxpayers who are the ones whose wallets are going to be on the line,’ said political strategist Trent Duffy.”


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When is it going to be enough?

Posted by Liberty on November 26, 2008

WA cities can add $20 car tab fee

“Olympia might be the first city in Washington to use a state law that allows a $20 fee on vehicle registrations without a public vote.”

Property taxes, sales taxes, sin taxes, fuel taxes, fees, fines, licenses…when are the people of Washington State going to finally say, “NO MORE!”  If memory serves, Washington voters passed an initiative limiting vehicle tabs to $30.00.  The arrogance of government bureaucrats is simply appalling.

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A scary consequence of socialized medicine

Posted by Liberty on November 19, 2008

Socialized Medicine Can Kill You

“Jack Rosser’s doctor says taking Pfizer’s Sutent cancer drug may keep him alive long enough to see his 1-year-old daughter, Emma, enter primary school. The U.K.’s National Health Service says that’s not worth the expense. “

Americans, we need to proceed with extreme caution when it comes to health care reform!  Cursory research into socialized health systems in countries such as Great Britain and Canada will yield frightening stories like that of Jack Rosser. 

I’m not a Pollyanna about this issue–having had some work experience in an industry related to health care, there are certainly things that need to be done to improve health care in the U.S.  But, we shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.  America has one of the safest medical industries in the world and it goes hand in hand with the standard of living that we enjoy here.  Our standard of living is so good because we are a fundamentally Capitalist nation, although we have more government interference in our markets than we need. 

My plea for free market solutions may fall on deaf ears but I’m going to make it anyway.  Putting the federal government in charge of health care is not a good idea–central planners in Washington D.C. don’t know what is best for you and your health.  Patients and their families and doctors need to be empowered to make decisions about care, not bureaucrats.  No existing government program gives me any confidence that they can or should handle health insurance.  Not Social Security–it’s practically bankrupt.  According to its own website, Social Security benefits are fully payable until 2041 at current levels.  And we’re on the brink of a massive wave of baby boomer retirements.  In not too many years, there will be more people drawing SS benefits than there are workers paying in.  Hmm…and I thought Amway was the most insidious pyramid scheme out there. 

Same with Medicare.  Have you seen the commercials–seniors can get a power chair with no out of pocket cost if they have Medicare.  I’m willing to bet by the time I’m checking out shiny new power chairs, Medicare will be broke.  Instead of trusting the same federal government that brings you the Post Office, The Bureau of Land Managment and the TSA, we need to reform our existing health care system.

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Washington State attempting to stifle free speech

Posted by Liberty on November 12, 2008

The Washington State Public Disclosure Commission met today to discuss whether or not e-mail and internet blogs can constitute “lobbying” and therefore may be subject to PDC regulations.  See the PDC’s info here.  If you have an opinion about this, don’t forget to e-mail Lori Anderson [PDC Communications & Training Officer] at or call her at 360-664-2737.  The State of Washington needs to know how other bloggers feel about their free speech potentially being subject to PDC regulation.  Freedom of Speech is a God-given right and should not be infringed upon by government bureaucrats!

Check out Liberty Live [Official Blog of Evergreen Freedom Foundation] for more info & opinion on this topic.

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