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The nanny state gone awry–Washington State is poised to regulate interior designers!

Posted by Liberty on February 8, 2009

Take a peek at Tami Michaels’ blog post from Saturday.  Is there any part of life that our esteemed Washington State Legislature will not attempt to stifle, control, restrict or regulate?  [For those of you not familiar with Tami, she has a Saturday morning radio show about home improvement and interior design on 770 KTTH Seattle.  It’s a lot of fun to listen to if you’re interested in improving the appearance and functionality of your living environment–always a learning experience.  Find out more at]  Tami has issued a call to action because apparently, the Washington State Legislature is going to be considering a bill that would create licensing requirements for interior designers.  From Washington

2009 Senate Bill 5514 (Concerning the practice of interior design)

“Introduced by Sen. Rosa Franklin, (D-Tacoma) (D) on January 26, 2009, creates a state board for registered interior designers and sets forth registration procedures and standards of professional practice for registered interior designers. (See also Companion HB 1608).”

Tami’s reasoning for opposing SB 5514 is this:

  • “There is no threat to public health and safety from interior design. In 2005, the Washington State Department of Licensing did a sunrise review of interior design legislation and found that no threat existed and that no licensing of interior designers was necessary.
  • The state, the economy, homeowners and small businesses can’t afford this legislation. This legislation is a direct threat to the survival of many small businesses, putting jobs at risk – something Washington cannot afford. Customers of interior design services will see costs go up as competition decreases and designers will have to pay unnecessary fees if they actually do qualify. Established firms will go out of business, not because they do poor work or have done something wrong – but simply because they do not meet a very specific set of criteria.
  • There is no gap in protection. An umbrella of governmental oversight already protects the public and ensures that those involved in design projects follow the appropriate building codes and laws. Plan reviews, building inspectors, code enforcement officials and licensed professionals (architects, engineers, plumbers, contractors, electricians and others) all verify that any work specified by interior design professionals meets the code and safety requirements enacted to protect the public.”

Do you really need the State of Washington to protect you from interior designers?  Honestly!  There’s a hearing on this bill scheduled for February 12, 2009.  Tami’s blog has all the info you need.

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Regulation, red tape & more expenses for small businesses–just what our economy needs!

Posted by Liberty on January 11, 2009

Tainted-toy law could hurt some small businesses

“The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says that under the new law, products for children ages 12 and younger cannot be sold if they have more than 600 ppm total lead, even if they were manufactured before then. That lead limit drops again to 300 ppm on Aug. 14 and, ultimately, to 90 ppm.

The reason behind the law is simple enough — to keep kids safe. The push for it came after the recall of multitudes of lead-tainted toys made in China in recent years.

As of Feb. 10, all manufacturers — even local mom-and-pop toymaking operations — will have to certify that their products for children meet safety standards. Aragon points out that she sells locally made bibs and sweaters, items that will also have to be certified — by a third-party accredited laboratory. A home-testing kit won’t do.

The costs could reach thousands of dollars.”

I’m sure that lawmakers only had the best of intentions in mind when they passed the “tainted-toy law.”  And…there were probaby crying victims at a Congressional hearing.  But the effect that these regulations will have on small businesses is just plain devastating.  It’s frightening that rather than encouraging and protecting free enterprise, our government is hell bent on destroying it.

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