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Mr. Gaffe: the pot calling the kettle black

Posted by Liberty on January 21, 2009

Biden Takes Shot at Roberts for Flubbing Presidential Oath

Biden to man in wheelchair: 

“Stand up, Chuck!  Let ’em see you.  Oh, God love you!  What am I talking about?”

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It’s karma, baby!

Posted by Liberty on December 16, 2008

WA burglar dies in fire he set

“The Benton County sheriff’s office says a man found dead in a burning motor home apparently set the fire in an attempt to cover up a burglary.”

And no tax dollars were spent trying him, convicting him and jailing him.  How convenient.

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Sadly enough, the people who really need this won’t get one

Posted by Liberty on December 13, 2008

Car Key Device Blocks Cell Phone Use While Driving

You know who I’m talking about.  You see them every time you get on I-5.  They’re the ones in the left lane going 60 miles per hour, mindlessly yakking away while frustration builds in the lineup behind them.

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An illustrative video that explains Obama’s win

Posted by Liberty on November 19, 2008

How Obama got elected

Just one thought on this.  If you get your news from Jon Stewart, People Magazine or Saturday Night Live, do America a favor–DON’T VOTE!

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