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Obama seeks GOP help on economy…but will he actually listen to them?

Posted by Liberty on January 27, 2009

Obama seeks GOP help on economy; McConnell hopeful

“Hours before a meeting with President Barack Obama, House Republican leaders sought to rally opposition Tuesday to a White House-backed economic stimulus measure with an $825 billion price tag.

Several officials said that Reps. John Boehner of Ohio, the GOP leader, and Eric Cantor of Virginia, his second-in-command, delivered the appeal at a closed-door meeting of the Republican rank and file. Both men said the legislation contains too much wasteful spending that will not help the economy recover from its worst nosedive since the Great Depression, the officials added.”

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the Republicans so far this week…although, it’s only Tuesday.  Kudos to John Boehner and Eric Cantor for spotlighting the spending in the stimulus plan–keep it up!

“Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said in a televised interview that Obama was having problems with Democrats, whom he said favor spending over tax cuts as a remedy for the economic crisis.

‘We think the country needs a stimulus,’ he said on NBC’s ‘Today’ show. But he also said that he believes most people do not believe it will be accomplished through projects like ‘fixing up the mall,’ a reference to fundings to repair the National Mall in Washington. He said Republicans want a bill that devotes 40 percent of its cost to tax cuts.”


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Thank you, Mitch McConnell!

Posted by Liberty on December 12, 2008

Mitch McConnell: We can’t vote for the House’s auto bailout

From Hot Air:

“Somewhat lost in the recent debate over the auto industry is the fundamental difference between it and the financial rescue plan that Congress approved in October. While that plan was intended to rescue the entire economy, this one is intended to save a single industry. That plan was intended to help everyone — from small business owners to college students; and every lawmaker who voted for it acted on the belief that that is what it would do…

A lot of struggling Americans are asking where their bailout is. They wonder why one business would get support over another. When it comes to the auto industry, many Republicans in Congress have asked these same questions.

There are many principled reasons to oppose this bill. But the simplest one is also the best: “a government big enough to give us everything we want is a government big enough to take everything we have.” This is as true for individuals as it is for business. It’s the primary principle on which American industry, including the auto industry, was built. And even in turbulent moments like this — perhaps especially at moments like this — it’s a principle well worth defending.

Some argue that the effects of an auto industry collapse would be too acute and far-reaching for an already-struggling economy to bear. This is impossible to know. And even if we grant that these companies would fail without taxpayer help, we would still have to ask ourselves whether the proposal before us achieves the goal that everyone claims to embrace — namely, the long-term viability of ailing car companies — and, in my view, it does not.”

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