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Enough gravy for Greg

Posted by Liberty on March 21, 2009

A runaway gravy train

Not many people take Greg Nickels seriously.  And that number could be diminishing.  I found this article by Nicole Brodeur in the Seattle Times fairly entertaining, even though I don’t necessarily agree with her analysis of the AIG situation. 

“Mayor Greg Nickels announced the other day that he was falling on his checkbook by decreasing his own pay and the salaries of about 100 other top executives in city government.

Deputy Mayor Tim Ceis made much of the fact that salaries will be frozen at 2008 levels, as if this is a huge sacrifice. He makes $187,317 a year, poor thing.

I appreciate putting the brakes on payroll, but frankly, gentlemen, I’m confused.

Just 90 days ago, Nickels was fighting for the right to give big raises to the city’s highest-paid employees — some by as much as 37 percent.”

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