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State House approves ban on campaign lies

Posted by Liberty on February 24, 2009

State House approves ban on campaign lies

If this bill makes it through the Senate and is signed by the Governor, it will be illegal in Washington State to lie in the course of a campaign for public office.  My first thought was, “Couldn’t they make this retroactive and nail Queen Christine for the lies she told about the state budget?”  But the real focus of this law appears to be lies about a candidate’s opponent.

“The bill, passed out of the House on a 92-2 vote, seeks to reinstate an old law that was thrown out on free speech grounds by the state Supreme Court in 2007. The court said the state’s former ban on lying in campaigns violated the First Amendment because it did not require proof that campaign falsehoods were defamatory.

Rep. Mark Miloscia, D-Federal Way, said this year’s attempt at reinstating the ban on campaign lies addresses the court’s problems with the old law. Specifically, the bill approved Monday would prohibit false statements that are libelous or defamatory, and committed with actual malice – a key legal test in free speech case law.”


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The porno tax–why you ought not support it

Posted by Liberty on February 11, 2009

Washington lawmaker wants huge porn tax to restore GAU cuts

Have you heard about the proposed 18.5% tax on “adult”entertainment? 

“State Rep. Mark Miloscia, D-Federal Way, is prime sponsor of House Bill 2103, which would levy an 18.5 percent tax on all visual or audio pornographic materials.

But he’s not the only one.

House Majority Leader Lynn Kessler, D-Hoquiam, has signed on. So have Reps. Al O’Brien, D-Mountlake Terrace, Bob Hasegawa, D-Seattle, John McCoy, D-Tulalip, and Marilyn Chase, D-Shoreline.”

The tax would apply to all forms of pornographic material–magazines, movies, phone services, photos, cable tv services, etc.  It would be used to restore funding to General Assistance Unemployable (GAU) and Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Support Act (ADATSA) programs that have been cut [or failed to grow, which equals a cut in bureaucrat speak] under Queen Christine’s budget.  So, why am I opposed to this?  Why am I calling 1-800-562-6000 later today to let my legislators know that this is a bad idea?

Trust me, it’s not because I like porn.  It’s not because I think that porn is a good influence upon our society; it certainly is not.  It’s not because I think the people who create and distribute porn are worthy of being defended; they aren’t.  I oppose this on principle.  I don’t believe the State of Washington should be taking another penny from any of us, even filthy porn users.   They confiscate enough and they redistribute enough already.  Government has a seemingly insatiable appetite for our money.  Maybe filthy porn users aren’t the most sympathetic group to choose to defend but here I am, making my case because I am so fed up with the taxes.

I also think it is potentially dangerous to have government trying to influence and control our behaviors.  So they’re targeting pornography today.  Who’s to say they won’t take this concept [an exhorbitant tax on a behavior they don’t like] and apply it to other target groups.  Are we going to see higher ammunition taxes because some politician doesn’t want you shooting your guns?  A lot of kids get hurt on trampolines…maybe there should be a tax on trampolines.  They want your kids signed up on SCHIP anyway.  A trampoline tax will just pay to fix all those broken arms and bonked heads.  An extra tax on auto parts to make you re-think repairing your car instead of opting for mass transit?  Maybe I’m extrapolating too far but you never know when government is involved.

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Once again, Queen Christine needs your help

Posted by Liberty on February 5, 2009

The Governor apparently either really cares what the public thinks about the budget or wants you to think that she really cares what the public thinks about the budget.

Go to:

There’s a budget calculator where you can adjust levels of state government spending to get rid of the budget gap.  This brings me to one thing that needs to be made clear about Washington’s budget problem.  According to the Governor’s budget calculator webpage, under the current budget, the projected revenue for the 2009-2011 budget cycle is $31,573 million.  The proposed spending is $35,274 million.  We aren’t in debt yet but if we continue spending as proposed, we will be.  The spending is the problem!

The Governor’s proposed budget has spending dropped down to $32,079 million and she adds in $122 million from “Other Fund Transfers and Budget Driven Revenue.”  [Not really sure where that came from?!]  She also includes $609 million from the state’s Rainy Day Fund.  Note that the Rainy Day Fund starts out at $709 million and she wants to use almost all of that in this 2009-2011 budget cycle.  If the economic downturn is prolonged and if the State of Washington does not gain a better understanding of what functions actually are the legitimate responsibility of state government, we could get into serious trouble.  Can you say, California?

Do you understand what I’m saying here, though?  Much has been made of Washington’s Budget crisis and I’ve posted several times about it before, too.  The point I’m trying to make is that we don’t have to have a budget crisis.  It is not a foregone conclusion.  All that the Governor and the Legislature have to do is cut spending.  There is plenty of waste, fraud and abuse hidden in that budget.  Will anyone tackle that?  There is a lot of spending for things that are not really the responsibility of state government.  Are we going to see some of it reversed?  With Democrats in control, it isn’t likely.  Instead, they’ll make visible, painful cuts to essential services.  And then, they’ll use those cuts to sell the public on a tax hike.

Unfortunately, I think that the Governor’s budget calculator page is designed to make you more sympathetic towards Queen Christine.  It lets you play with the numbers but ultimately, I think you’re supposed to walk away with a new appreciation for how tough it is for the Governor to make everyone happy.  The budget calculator doesn’t let you adjust specific programs–only general areas like “student achievement,” public safety,” “human services for vulnerable children & adults,” and “health of Washingtonians.”  Like her earlier request for your e-mailed budget suggestions, I think this budget calculator is just a public relations stunt.

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Your resistance to tax increases is under attack

Posted by Liberty on January 27, 2009

Here are just three examples of the news stories I’ve been noticing lately about the “victims” of state budget cuts.  We’re going to be innundated with sad stories about the necessary serices that are being slashed under Washington’s new scorched earth budget.  That way, when the legislature puts a tax increase on the ballot for the next election, it has a better chance of passing.  Nice.

Center gives runaways peace, but now finds itself in need

“Spruce Street and eight other facilities like it, called Secure Crisis Residential Centers, face elimination by state budget cuts, some of which are under way and others that have been proposed by Gov. Chris Gregoire for the Department of Social and Health Services.”

Poison Center’s hot line in peril

“Parents could no longer call the Washington Poison Center’s hot line under Gov. Chris Gregoire’s proposed budget because it would cut critical funding for the service, the nonprofit said Monday.

Gregoire wants to slash the center’s funding from $4 million to $2 million a year — a move the 50-year-old group says would force it to close.”

Detox center loses in budget cuts

“The North Cascade Secure Detox is the first of what could become many social services programs to be shut down in the coming year while the Legislature and the Department of Social and Health Services trim their budgets.

The cuts will save the state money in the short term. One patient costs $275 a night at North Cascade, and the state pays out $2 million a year for the Skagit County branch. But it will cost individual counties more in the long run as the same patients seek help at emergency rooms and mental health treatment facilities, which can cost up to $565 a night.”

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Will Washington’s economy withstand four more years of Gregoire “leadership”?

Posted by Liberty on January 21, 2009

Wash unemployment rate jumps to 7.1 percent in Dec

“Washington’s unemployment rate jumped to 7.1 percent last month, the largest one month increase in more than three decades.”

Gregoire pushes cap-and-trade bill

“A cap would be placed on the amount of carbon dioxide emissions that companies release, and companies would be required to buy permits in order to emit at the acceptable level. Companies also could auction off their permits between each other, creating their own market system.”

Good thinking, Queen Christine!  Let’s make doing business in Washington State even more expensive.  All based on the flawed theory of man-made global warming.  Way to go.  Oh and isn’t it ironic that a “market system” would be great for auctioning these worthless carbon emission permits but the free market can’t be permitted to work in ways that would really help Washingtonians?  How about a free market for health insurance?

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Tunnel vision

Posted by Liberty on January 14, 2009

Tolls and taxes would help to pay for tunnel

So Queen Christine…oops, I mean Governor Gregoire has finally made a decision about replacing the Alaskan Way Viaduct.  This was supposedly an urgent problem a couple of years ago when she and the state legislature raised our gas tax–just in case you’re not paying attention, it’s one of the highest in the entire country.  Even though they now collect $0.375 on every gallon of gas purchased statewide, the Governor and assorted other politicians are wondering how in the world they’re going to pay for the tunnel.  [Incidentally, the tunnel is the most expensive option for replacing the viaduct.] 

The entire state of Washington has been paying ridiculously high gas taxes for quite some time now.  People in Eastern Washington are paying a disproportionate share of these taxes that go for primarily West side projects.  The gas tax package was passed and a subsequent repeal initiative failed because these politicians fomented hysteria over “crumbling” infrastructure like the viaduct, the 520 bridge and rock slide-prone mountain passes.  So where did all this money go?  Down the rat-hole of state government, that’s where.  And guess what?  It wasn’t enough!

“A new package of tolls and taxes would pay for part of the $4.2 billion tunnel destined to replace Seattle’s Alaskan Way Viaduct.”

What can you do but laugh? 

“In addition, King County has asked legislators for authority to levy a 1 percent vehicle license fee to help raise its $190 million share of the project that will come in the form of additional transit service to substitute for reduction in the number of lanes and help commuters during construction. The tunnel would have four lanes; the viaduct now has six.”

Two things.  First, why should vehicles be taxed more to pay for transit?  Maybe the people riding the transit should pay the actual cost of hauling their bus-riding butts around!  Second, the tunnel is the most expensive option to replace the viaduct and it will represent a net loss of capacity–four lanes as opposed to six.  These people are criminally incompetent and yet, they keep getting elected!  And, in the future, when the city is bigger and there is more traffic, how easy is it to expand the tunnel to accommodate more cars?  Hey, maybe it’s a moot point–maybe cars will be illegal by then.  Or perhaps they’ll be just too darn expensive to license and fill with gas.

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Holy Botox!

Posted by Liberty on January 12, 2009

Be careful when you open this link!  The picture of Queen Christine is huge and it startled me for a second there!

Dems in control but not in sync as Legislature opens

I think I agree with the premise of this article–we have a lot of Democrat infighting on the way.  Queen Christine spent her first term expanding the scope of Washington State government, creating new programs and increasing funding to old ones.  There are a lot of favors owed to unions, environmentalists and Indian tribes after a contentious campaign but she’s also pledged not to raise taxes.  Something’s gotta give!

Oh, and my favorite quote from this article:

“‘Everybody’s puppy got squashed,’ said Rep. Hans Dunshee, D-Snohomish, chairman of the House Capital Budget Committee.”

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Washington State casino irony…I will explain

Posted by Liberty on January 2, 2009

State asks where people drank, drove

Washington State Patrol officers asked drivers stopped on suspicion of DUI where they had been drinking. 

“Statewide, the Tulalip Resort Casino topped the list with 58 reports of people citing the business as the last place where they drank.”

WSP will use this information to fine-tune their enforcement tactics in the future.

“Authorities use the information to boost patrols, bar and restaurant visits and conduct undercover operations, Liquor Control Board spokesman Brian Smith said.”

Here’s what I think is ironic:  all of this enforcement costs money.  And, that’s fine.  In fact, I would put stopping drunk drivers on my extremely short list of things that the government actually should be doing.  What I think is ironic is that Queen Christine signed gaming agreements with the tribes that don’t require revenue sharing.  Their facility is clearly a problem as far as drunk drivers go but it will be the taxpayers that bear the burden, not the tribes.  Ironic.

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Check out Washington Policy Center for the free market take on Washington State issues

Posted by Liberty on December 16, 2008

With the Washington State legislative session coming up in January and budget issues aplenty, it’s more important than ever to pay attention to what’s happening in Olympia.  Washington Policy Center is a think-tank that centers on finding free market solutions to the problems our state is facing.  They have a lot of their research posted on their website

This week, on the WPC blog, Jason Mercier has compiled a list of ideas to help the state fix the budget.  He took the suggestions submitted to Governor Gregoire [remember that?  I blogged it on November 17] and compiled a master list of sorts.  There are some terrific ideas on this list and thanks to Jason for sorting through the raw information to find them.  I hope that Governor Gregoire will study these suggestions in earnest.

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K-12 panel chief urges tax hike

Posted by Liberty on December 12, 2008

Look out!  Dan Grimm says sales tax on services would help fund education changes!

K-12 panel chief urges tax hike

“The chairman of a legislative task force exploring how to improve the way the state pays for K-12 education says a tax increase is the responsible way to pay for the roughly $3 billion worth of ideas in the group’s final report.

Dan Grimm, a former state legislator from Puyallup as well as a two-term state treasurer, said Thursday that he was inspired by a phone call and letter from Gov. Chris Gregoire to propose an extension of the sales tax to services. That would make things such as doctor’s visits and financial advice subject to sales tax.”

If this governor “inspires” anything in me, it’s a desire for a Boston Tea Party-style tax revolt!  When will it be enough?

Luckily, there is a website for the Basic Education Finance Task Force.  I’ll be contacting them to voice my opposition to more taxes for public education.  Dan Grimm, the task force chair, can be reached at  The full contact list is here.  Public schools in Washington State already get lottery money, timber money, money from the general fund, federal funding, as well as local bonds and levies.  The problem is how schools choose to spend the money, not that Washington taxpayers don’t pay enough.  In light of the weak economy, it would be highly irresponsible for the legislature and Queen Christine to force any more taxes upon the already over-taxed State of Washington!

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More on the Washington State Capitol’s Christmas circus

Posted by Liberty on December 11, 2008

New Capitol display sought with Santa “hell” warning

“A Kansas-based church that has blamed deaths in Iraq on U.S. tolerance of homosexuality has asked Gov. Christine Gregoire’s office to approve a “Santa Claus will take you to hell” message to display among other religious statements in the Capitol’s third-floor hallway.”

This would be the lunatics from Westboro Baptist Church, best known for protesting at military funerals.  Governor Gregoire, do you now see where having no standards takes us?  And why in the world are we hosting displays for whackos who don’t even live in Washington State?  I can’t believe I’m asking for more government regulations but before next Christmas, there needs to be some standards laid down concerning what is allowed to be displayed in the Capitol.

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The new perspective on employment in Washington–wages determined by how much the employee “needs” instead of the value of their work to their employer

Posted by Liberty on December 9, 2008

New jobs in Washington paying less than living wage

“Nearly 80 percent of job openings in Washington last year paid less than a living wage for a single parent with two children.”

These were the findings of Gerald Smith, associate director of the Northwest Federation of Community Organizations.

“Among other strategies, the study advocated for taxpayer support for economic development; more investments in training, education and apprenticeships; increased wage progression; and use of living wage figures to set wage policies and determine eligibility for public assistance.”

The very concept of a “living wage” is a nebulous thing.  It depends a lot upon the relationship between needs and wants that we all struggle with.  I think we also need to be very careful about what these groups might really stand for and what their genuine agenda may be before giving their findings any credibility.  They certainly seem to support redistributive policies and government dependence, which will only lower the standard of living for more people.

Coincidentally, Queen Christine met with business leaders to troll for ideas on fixing Washington State’s economy.

State recovery has ‘no time to waste’

Governor Gregoire, I’ll give you one hint: redistributing wealth, increased wage progression and the use of living wage figures to set wage policies is how NOT to help Washington’s economy.  Cutting taxes and getting the state government out of the lives of business owners and citizens alike is what we all desperately need.

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Atheist billboard in Capitol stirs a storm

Posted by Liberty on December 4, 2008

Atheist sign joins nativity scene, tree at Capitol

“An atheist group has unveiled an anti-religion placard in the state Capitol, joining a Christian Nativity scene and “holiday tree” on display during December.

The atheists’ sign was installed Monday by Washington members of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a national group based in Madison, Wis.

With a nod to the winter solstice – the year’s shortest day, occurring in late December – the placard reads, in part, ‘There is only our natural world. Religion is but myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds.'”

Atheist billboard in Capitol stirs a storm

After this story was featured on The O’Reilly Factor last night, Queen Christine’s office has been deluged with calls for the atheist display to be removed.  It helps that O’Reilly gave her phone number out on national TV–its 360-902-4111, just in case you’re wondering.  Rumor on the street is she’s got that phone number going to voice mail at this time, so persistence is key.  You can also call the general information number at the Capitol at 1-800-562-6000.

Kirby Wilbur, a local talk show host on AM 570 KVI [5:00 am to 9:00 am, also streaming live] has been making the point that the Christmas tree, Nativity scene and Jewish menorah are all symbols.  Rather than promoting atheism, the atheists are simply making a statement against religion.  What a petty gesture from people who are nothing more that self-absorbed activists.  Their pathetic little sign certainly isn’t affirming the joys of atheism…because there aren’t any.  While Christians and Jews use positive symbols like trees and menorahs in their celebrations, the atheists are relying upon and spreading negativity.  Most of us celebrate this season as a time of hope for mankind, joy and gratitude for our many blessings.  It almost makes me feel sorry for these silly atheists.  Their lives must be so empty.

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Washington State’s budget woes

Posted by Liberty on December 4, 2008

Gregoire: State needs $600M economic stimulus

“Gov. Chris Gregoire says Washington state needs at least $600 million in federal money for short-term road and bridge projects to help kickstart the state’s struggling economy.”

Wait a minute…didn’t she say during her campaign that this Washington’s economy is strong and that the budget is balanced?

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Queen Christine’s one-gal budget oversight committee

Posted by Liberty on November 25, 2008

After letting my thoughts on the Washington State budget crisis gel for awhile, I decided it was about time to e-mail my ideas to Governor Gregoire.  Here is what I sent:

Dear Governor,
In light of the looming budget deficit, here are some ideas for saving money.
*Make sure only people who are legal US citizens and Washington State residents receive state benefits.
*Provide services and documents in English, not 15 different languages.
*Remove the requirement that road projects include art.
*Auction the sculpted salmon currently over I-90.
*Remove state mandates on health insurance so that health insurance would be more affordable, thus reducing the need for state coverage.  People are smart enough to purchase plans that cover what they want–they don’t need the legislature to tell them that their plans have to cover mental health, accupuncture, birth control, etc.
*Get rid of the poet laureate program.
*Streamline adoption–make it faster, less expensive and easier–to get kids out of state care.
*Continue with performance audits so we will find out where waste and abuse are occurring.
*Renegotiate gaming contracts with Indian tribes to include revenue sharing with the state.
*Pay teachers based on merit, not the number of degrees they have or their tenure.
*Disband public employee unions, including the WEA.
*Eliminate ethnic commissions such as Washington Commission on African American Affairs.  Such commissions are really unnecessary and the services they provide are probably redundant. 
*Focus on easing the burden for the taxpayers, rather than providing more redistributionist programs.  Give people back more of their own money.
*Keep your promise not to institute a state income tax.  It will stifle growth, punish productivity and give already over-taxed people one more reason to get the hell out of Washington!

Very sincerely,


Conservative blogger extraordinaire

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Queen Christine wants your help! How can Washington State save money?

Posted by Liberty on November 17, 2008

“Like the rest of the country—indeed the world—we are in the midst of an economic slowdown. State government is going to have to sacrifice and make hard choices just like Washington families. But families know, and we know, that tough people always outlast tough times, and together we will emerge stronger from the challenge.”    Governor Chris Gregoire

Governor Gregiore’s Budget Homepage

First of all, let me be really clear.  I thought that the best way for the State of Washington to fix its budget problem was to elect a Conservative like Dino Rossi.  Since that’s off the table, the next best option is going to be participating in the Governor’s outreach attempt here and letting her know what you think about how the State of Washington spends your money.  If you have ideas for the Governor, you can submit them through the magic of the internet here:

And…through the magic of the internet, your free-market, low-taxes, personal responsibility solutions will be magically translated into something like this:

“Dear Governor Gregiore, the economy is so bad, we can’t make it on our own.  Please raise taxes and give us free health care, free child care, free food, free public transportation, free housing…” 

But, it’s worth a shot.  Even in a deep blue liberal stronghold like Washington, Conservatives need to speak up, just on the off chance that we can change even one person’s perspective.

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