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Enough gravy for Greg

Posted by Liberty on March 21, 2009

A runaway gravy train

Not many people take Greg Nickels seriously.  And that number could be diminishing.  I found this article by Nicole Brodeur in the Seattle Times fairly entertaining, even though I don’t necessarily agree with her analysis of the AIG situation. 

“Mayor Greg Nickels announced the other day that he was falling on his checkbook by decreasing his own pay and the salaries of about 100 other top executives in city government.

Deputy Mayor Tim Ceis made much of the fact that salaries will be frozen at 2008 levels, as if this is a huge sacrifice. He makes $187,317 a year, poor thing.

I appreciate putting the brakes on payroll, but frankly, gentlemen, I’m confused.

Just 90 days ago, Nickels was fighting for the right to give big raises to the city’s highest-paid employees — some by as much as 37 percent.”

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Have a drink on me

Posted by Liberty on March 11, 2009

Found this on Seattle talk radio host Dori Monson’s blog.  [He’s on 97.3 KIRO.]  How would you like to have a vanload of beer delivered right to your apartment?  And what if you didn’t have to pay for the beer?  Jackpot!  And if you didn’t have to pay for the apartment either?  Double jackpot!  Chronic boozers in Seattle don’t have to go out to the bar or the convenience store these days…they’re drinking and living on the taxpayer’s dime.  1811 Eastlake is a housing project especially for alcoholics funded by various government entities such as HUD and the Washington State Housing Finance Commission.  Rehabilitation is not a high priority at 1811 Eastlake–the residents [all of whom have alcohol issues, to put it mildly] are allowed to drink in their apartments.

Seattle drunk house project gets beer delivery

According to the Downtown Emergency Service Center’s website, the drunks in this housing project are offered social services including mental health and substance abuse counseling, on-site health care and meals plus field trips to local food banks.  This facility can’t be cheap to keep running.  In this era of hard times for the taxpayers, could we at least cut off the free beer?

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There is not a gang problem in Seattle…there is not a gang problem in Seattle…there is not…

Posted by Liberty on January 5, 2009

Two held in Capitol Hill nightclub shooting

Hmmm…another shooting…at another hip hop night club.  And according to the Washington Courts website, someone named Roger Allen LaBranche already has extensive experience as a defendent.

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Squish it!

Posted by Liberty on January 5, 2009

Black widow hidden in grapes

How can you not laugh at this?!  They took a black widow spider to the zoo.  These people found a poisonous spider in their food and they saved it in a jar until they could get it to the zoo.  I would say “only in Seattle” but I’m sure that wouldn’t be true.

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Seattle Homicide Stats Don’t Support Nickels Gun Ban Scheme, Says SAF

Posted by Liberty on January 5, 2009

Seattle Homicide Stats Don’t Support Nickels Gun Ban Scheme, Says SAF

“Homicide statistics for 2008 in Seattle do not justify a proposal by anti-gun Mayor Greg Nickels to ban legally-carried handguns from public property, nor his plan to lobby for a change in the state’s preemption law, the Bellevue-based Second Amendment Foundation said today.


‘Less than half of Seattle’s homicides in 2008 involved firearms,’ noted SAF founder Alan Gottlieb, ‘and about one-third were gang-related. Yet Mayor Nickels would have the public believe there is a dire need to violate state statute and the civil rights of law-abiding gun owners, by challenging a state preemption statute that has stood for more than two decades as a model of efficiency and effectiveness that other states have copied.’


Gottlieb noted that Seattle’s 28 homicides pale in comparison to those logged in similar-sized cities, where concealed carry is forbidden. Milwaukee, WI reported 71 homicides in 2008, and Washington, D.C. posted 186 killings. Only in Seattle may citizens legally carry concealed handguns. In Baltimore, MD, where it is virtually impossible to get a carry license, there were 234 slayings last year.”

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Seattle’s eco-friendly snow strategy…the city’s latest colossal failure

Posted by Liberty on December 23, 2008

Seattle refuses to use salt; roads “snow packed” by design

“To hear the city’s spin, Seattle’s road crews are making ‘great progress’ in clearing the ice-caked streets.

But it turns out ‘plowed streets’ in Seattle actually means ‘snow-packed,’ as in there’s snow and ice left on major arterials by design.

‘We’re trying to create a hard-packed surface,’ said Alex Wiggins, chief of staff for the Seattle Department of Transportation. ‘It doesn’t look like anything you’d find in Chicago or New York.'”

Seattle is fore-going the use of salt and de-icing chemicals over concerns of run-off.  In a city of hills, they are deliberately transforming streets into ice rinks.  Smart.

“The icy streets are the result of Seattle’s refusal to use salt, an effective ice-buster used by the state Department of Transportation and cities accustomed to dealing with heavy winter snows.

‘If we were using salt, you’d see patches of bare road because salt is very effective,’ Wiggins said. ‘We decided not to utilize salt because it’s not a healthy addition to Puget Sound.'”

Typical.  Let’s risk human life instead.

“By ruling out salt and some of the chemicals routinely used by snowbound cities, Seattle has embraced a less-effective strategy for clearing roads, namely sand sprinkled on top of snowpack along major arterials, and a chemical de-icer that is effective when temperatures are below 32 degrees.

Seattle also equips its plows with rubber blades. That minimizes the damage to roads and manhole covers, but it doesn’t scrape off the ice, Wiggins said.”

Update 10:11 am:

In the article, the strategy is described as plowing  “the roads enough for all-wheel and four-wheel-drive vehicles, or those with front-wheel drive cars as long as they are using chains.”  Rush pointed out something ironic when he discussed this story.  Liberals want to force us into tiny, gas-sipping, hybrid, alternative, green [insert politically correct buzzword here] vehicles.  Where are the Smartcars and Prius’s today in Seattle?!  Libs want to get rid of the popular, functional SUV’s and trucks [that Americans want and need] so that we may all comply with their environmental agenda .  Meanwhile, Seattle, a bastion of liberal insanity, is paralyzed by snow and their own incompetence.

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The City of Seattle doesn’t plow snowy roads–is it so they can afford salary hikes for pencil pushers?

Posted by Liberty on December 22, 2008

From Crosscut & Kent Kammerer this morning:

Memo to city pols: times are tough

“We are now experiencing the full impact of WaMu layoffs and downsizing of hundreds of other Seattle area employers. While local businesses and the public are feeling the pinch, Seattle decision makers seem much less concerned.

Consider that the City just passed an increase in spending. Seattle’s budget for 2009, will be $3.9 billion. The general fund, which pays for most City functions, is $910 million, up 1.6 percent from 2007, and is projected to rise to $925 million in 2010. To fund the increase, the City will raise parking fees, raise the garbage rates 42 percent and water rates by 38 percent to help pay for the increase in spending. At the same time, it will reduce city revenues with property tax deferments to developers.

Mayor Greg Nickels also just announced that a Seattle top administrator needs a 37 percent pay raise to $302,000 per year. So, is spending on City employees getting out of hand, particularly in a time when many others are making salary sacrifices?”

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Media bias: not just against Conservatives anymore?

Posted by Liberty on December 18, 2008

I heard David Boze discussing this on his radio show yesterday afternoon and thought it was interesting.  This story is linked on his blog.  He was describing how he was reading this report on his lunch hour and was laughing out loud [in some un-named public place] at how ridiculous it is.  It literally is a laugh a minute, if you can get over the fact that a public university is wasting money researching the media’s portrayal of homelessness.  Do not interpret my mirth over this report to mean that I think homelessness is funny, because it’s not.  The homeless being used as a political football–that’s what I think is funny. 

Is the media unfair to the homeless?

A gaggle of English professors [among others] at the University of Washington conducted a study of how homelessness is portrayed in the media.  They focused specifically on media coverage of the City of Seattle’s clean-ups of homeless encampments and have concluded that the camps are unfairly portrayed as dirty, drug-laden and dangerous. 

Well, not everyone can exist in the cushy, tenured subjectivity of a university liberal arts department.  Words have concrete definitions and certain situations warrant that specific words be used.  I’m guessing that the journalists who have written about these squatters’ camps are correct to describe the camps as garbage-strewn, unsanitary and a threat to public safety. 

Perhaps the UW team could have rounded up some creative writing professors to formulate a list of more colorful language so that the words “dirty” and “dangerous” wouldn’t be so over used.  Instead of “dirty” and “dangerous,” the journalists could use: vile, sordid, tainted, toxic, insalubrious, obscene, perilous, unlawful, obnoxious, objectionable, repugnant or intolerable.

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It’s deja poo all over again

Posted by Liberty on December 9, 2008

Portland’s new solar-powered toilet open for business

Open for business as in drug deals, prostitution and “low rent” accommodations for bums.  I’m sure a lot of Portland taxpayers and tourists are going to be using these facilities.  Right…

“Officials said Old Town was selected as the first location for the loo because the area has a large homeless population, along with many late-night bars and and clubs. The city has wanted to provide a restroom that can be open 24 hours a day in the area.”

Seattle recently removed their automated toilets after wasting at least 5 million taxpayer dollars.  As it turns out, those toilets offered plenty of privacy for the most private of bodily functions…all kinds of functions, really.

Seattle to Remove Automated Toilets

“In the end, the restrooms, installed in early 2004, had become so filthy, so overrun with drug abusers and prostitutes, that although use was free of charge, even some of the city’s most destitute people refused to step inside them.”

And, here’s the best part:

“Seattle officials say the project here failed because the toilets, which are to close on Aug. 1, were placed in neighborhoods that already had many drug users and transients.”

Seattle claims that the reason these toilets were a problem is that they were placed amongst bums and druggies and Portland is deliberately putting them where there are bums and druggies.  Priceless.

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Christmas fruitcake

Posted by Liberty on December 3, 2008

Seattle ornament banned from White House Christmas tree

“When Seattle artist Deborah Lawrence was asked to create an ornament for a holiday tree at the White House, nobody familiar with her work could have imagined she’d stick to snowmen, Santa Claus or Mount Rainier bathed in festive red, white and blue.

That Lawrence submitted an ornament with the words ‘Impeach Bush’ on its surface is also no surprise, except to the people responsible for picking her.

The 9-inch ball Lawrence created is covered with swirly red and white stripes and features a picture of Democratic Rep. Jim McDermott of Seattle, who signed a House resolution to consider the impeachment of President George W. Bush. Tiny glued-on text on the ornament hails the impeachment resolution.”


“Lawrence, 55, is pointedly political. She’s anti-Iraq war, anti-torture, pro-peace, pro-environment, pro-feminism, pro-diversity and pro-spreading-the-wealth. Those aren’t just her personal opinions; those are the issues that fuel the paintings she collages with printed messages.

‘Her work is all about social justice,’ said Catherine Person, who exhibits Lawrence’s work at Person Gallery in Seattle. ‘She’s the most political artist I know and the most political artist I represent by 100 miles. She’s a firebrand. Her last show in September was completely devoted to anti-Bush statements.’  McDermott, whose office was responsible for the selection of Lawrence, said the ornament’s content came as a surprise.”

It’s an honor to be chosen to to create an ornament to decorate the White House Christmas tree, regardless of political differences that you may have with the President.  This woman deserves coal in her stocking.  Neither she nor McDermott have any class.

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Seattle’s assault on property rights

Posted by Liberty on December 3, 2008

Seattle City Council may limit tree-cutting by property owners

“To protect trees, the city may be headed into your backyard.

The Seattle City Council is considering sweeping new rules that would make it illegal for most homeowners to cut down more than three trees in a year.”

No mention in this article on whether or not the city will compensate property owners for the potential loss of use that they may endure or for the definite encroachment on the owner’s abiliity to decide what is best for their property.

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