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Fortunately, this guy isn’t in charge anymore

Posted by Liberty on December 17, 2008

The suburban road for reviving local Republicans

According to former Washington GOP chair, Chris Vance, “the key is to appeal to secular suburban moderates.”  While there are little bits and pieces within this article that I basically agree with like:

“Republicans need to compete for every vote…”


“What matters is competence, results, solving problems.”


“Republicans need to seek out better, more articulate candidates at every level.”

But, there are significant flaws to Mr. Vance’s argument.

“…Republican leaders need to remember that American politics is about assembling and holding together coalitions. Republicans need to secure their conservative base, while winning back secular suburban moderates who will support Republicans on non-values based issues.”

Wasn’t McCain’s campaign all about targeting moderates?  And how did that work out for him?  The GOP has a choice.  They can continue to chase the moderate vote, testing the wind before every speech or decision, fragmenting voters into little groups and and crafting a message for each one.  Or they can articulate Conservatism.  You know which one I’d choose. 

Vance also lays a lot of the blame for the 2008 election at the feet of President George W. Bush, while ignoring effects of the Obama cult of personality and extreme left-wing media bias. 

“Personal qualities matter and too often Democratic candidate are simply more impressive and articulate than those offered by the GOP. Saturday Night Live is never going to do a skit implying Barack Obama isn’t intelligent.”

Yeah, SNL is pretty impartial about Barack Obama.  I wonder if Vance is trying to say, in a roundabout way, that Sarah Palin was skewered on SNL because she is unintelligent. 

Vance is correct when he says that Republicans

“need to present clear alternatives on issues like education, transportation, health care, energy, and the environment. Most importantly, they need to explain why they have a better idea when it comes to growing the economy and creating jobs. Republicans should support low taxes and pro-growth policies, but then they need to complete their sentence.”

but he’s wrong to assume that Conservatives will turn out for the GOP if their candidates focus on chasing moderates and independents.  The 2008 election proves that.  I have an idea.  Let’s just be Conservatives…not “secular suburbanites” or “rural values voters” or “Wal-Mart voters.”  Let’s have one message, clear and simple.  We should be able to explain it in different ways and relate it to different lifestyles but our core philosophy of Conservatism should remain steadfast.

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