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Card check pressure tactics

Posted by Liberty on March 11, 2009

The Union Cudgel

“Big Labor’s drive to eliminate secret ballots for union elections has united American business in opposition, so labor chiefs are putting on the brass knuckles: The new strategy is to threaten companies with government retaliation if they don’t stop lobbying against turning U.S. labor markets into Europe.”

Union leaders are calling on tax cheat Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to prohibit companies that have received TARP money from lobbying against card check.

“The letter targets in particular the Principal Financial Group, based in Des Moines, which it says should be denied TARP money because of the ‘scale and scope’ of its lobbying. But wait — Citigroup spent three times more money on fourth-quarter lobbying than the $515,000 spent by Principal, the unions admit. So, what gives? It seems Principal’s real sin is that it ‘lobbied on 26-labor related bills . . . including the Employee Free Choice Act,’ and it is the only TARP applicant or recipient to have disclosed doing so.

In case Mr. Geithner doesn’t get the political point, the letter helpfully notes that ‘there is now a Congressional effort underway to curb lobbying by TARP recipients.’ Senators Dianne Feinstein (California) and Olympia Snowe (Maine) are leading that effort to limit corporate political speech, and Ms. Burger copies no fewer than 13 Members of Congress on her Treasury missive.

The double standard here is remarkable. Every year, unions collect millions of dollars in grants from government agencies they lobby. In 2002 and 2003, the Service Employees International Union — the main driver behind Ms. Burger’s consortium — lobbied the Department of Health and Human Services while receiving between $563,226 and $938,388 per year in grants. Imagine if Tom DeLay had ever said that labor unions or AARP couldn’t speak up about Medicare because they or their affiliates had accepted federal grants. The headlines would have read: ‘Republican Gag Rule.’

Labor chiefs are desperate to pass their easy-organizing agenda this year, because they know liberal majorities on Capitol Hill won’t last. They also know they haven’t been able to organize workers with a level playing field, so they want to rewrite the rules so their organizers can see which individual workers are voting no and apply peer and other pressure. Most workers can see how unions have contributed to the destruction of Detroit, U.S. steel makers and so many other industries. That’s why unions need government-sanctioned coercion to prevail both against business and with workers.”

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One more reason to break up the UAW

Posted by Liberty on December 29, 2008

Autoworkers Union Keeps $6 Million Golf Course for Members at $33 Million Lakeside Retreat

“Even as the industry struggles with massive losses, the UAW brass continue to own and operate a $33 million lakeside retreat in Michigan, complete with a $6.4 million designer golf course. And it’s costing them millions each year.”


“But the Black Lake club and retreat, which are among the union’s biggest fixed assets, have lost $23 million in the past five years alone, a heavy albatross around the union’s neck as it tries to manage a multibillion-dollar pension plan crisis.”

And the UAW  is a heavy albatross around the auto companies’ necks.  And the bailout is a heavy albatross around the taxpayers’ necks.

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Check out

Posted by Liberty on December 17, 2008

Two-thirds say teachers union has wrong priorities

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Reading Sweetness & Light for Blagogate

Posted by Liberty on December 10, 2008

Check out for a lot of info on the scandal involving disgraced Democrat governor Rod Blagojevich.  They go into Obama’s connection with Blago and also the involvement of the SEIU.

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Great perspective on Big Three bailout from Carpe Diem

Posted by Liberty on December 5, 2008

Professor Mark J. Perry of Carpe Diem blog fame has been consistently posting good info on the plight of the Big Three automakers.  He’s been especially highlighting the fact that union labor contracts have been a major reason that the Big Three are no longer competitive.  The MSM is handling the union with kid gloves, but that’s nothing new.  For instance, what do you know about the Job Bank?  The Job Bank is a union-backed program where laid-off autoworkers can collect up to 95% of their wages and benefits.  That’s right–the Big Three have been paying union workers, even when they’re not working.  Hmm…have Honda or Toyota been hamstrung by this kind of program?  The answer is no, because they employ non-union workers and consequently haven’t had the UAW gun to their heads.  Read Professor Perry’s brilliant post: Cost of Jobs Bank 2005-2008: $4,200,000,000.

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Perspective on potential Big Three bailout plan from a former GM employee

Posted by Liberty on November 18, 2008

This is an interesting editorial from Lori Stillwagon Roman, president of  She worked her way through college at a Buick plant and moved on to other positions within GM through the course of her career.  She’s opposed to the Big Three bailout currently under consideration in Congress.  She makes the case that government interference and the expense and inefficiency of union labor have contributed to the crisis that the Big Three are in now.

Detroit Three–Thanks for the Memories

“First, I believe that sending the government to bail out the auto industry or an industry at this time is like sending an arsonist to put out a fire.  The government is partially to blame for the problem with the auto industry. 

The government created the credit crisis by forcing lenders to make bad loans and the resulting credit crunch made it difficult to sell cars.  Democrats in Congress (even some from Michigan) are responsible for blocking domestic oil production in the United States which has driven up gas prices and sent our wealth and potential American jobs to the ‘bad guys’. 

One would think that since the government created the crisis, they should fix it, right?  No.  They should STOP messing with the markets, not mess with them more!  They should let lenders make prudent loans and let energy producers produce energy and they should let the automakers get out of this mess without government help or interference. They should not send folks with gasoline to put out a fire.  Congress doesn’t just want to ‘bail out’ the Detroit Three, they want to add on their own restrictions to make Detroit ‘green.'”

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Liberal hypocrisy–just one example

Posted by Liberty on November 13, 2008

Democrats eye BIAW cash source

The BIAW backed GOP candidate Dino Rossi in the past two governor’s races, therefore that makes them a target of free speech smothering liberals.  My question today is, why is the BIAW smeared as an evil “special interest group” by the Democrat party while their candidates take massive contributions from unions, environmentalist groups and Indian tribes?  Aren’t those “special interest groups” also?  Do these same Democrats have a problem with union dues from SEIU and WEA being used for political purposes?

Washington Republicans, you had better start fighting back hard against these hypocrites or we are going to be stuck under the Dem’s thumbs forever.  It’s called a press conference, you should try it.

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Bailout GM? Are you getting the full story in the mainstream media?

Posted by Liberty on November 13, 2008

AP’s Auto Bailout Coverage Nearly Ignores Excessive Labor Costs, Omits UAW’s Concessions Refusal

If you’re watching Katie Couric [seriously, why are you doing that?!] or some other MSM teleprompter reader, you probably haven’t seen anything about the effect that the United Auto Workers have had on GM’s current financial stress.  Professor Mark Perry was on to this last week on his blog Carpe Diem.  He’s had a chart posted that compares the average salary of a Big 3 autoworker [generally under UAW contract] with the salaries of Toyota workers [free market/non-union], management and professional workers, other forms of manufacturing and the workforce in general.  [Naturally, the chart is easier to visualize.  See it here.]  Guess who’s making the highest average salary?  You’re right–the UAW workers at GM, Chrysler and Ford.  On average, they make $73.20 per hour, compared with Toyota at $48.00 per hour.  The Big 3 are also saddled with paying massive union pension and health care expenses for their retirees.  Is it any wonder that they aren’t competitive?  I don’t pretend to know how to solve this problem but if there were some way they could divorce the UAW, I suspect that would help.  On the one hand, I blame the Big 3 for even agreeing to these union contracts but then again, what choice did they have?

Auto companies have also been in Congress’s cross-hairs in recent years, at the behest of environmental activist groups.  Time after time, Congress has raised CAFE standards, telling auto makers that they have to build vehicles that attain a certain fuel economy, regardless of what their customers actually want to buy.  Between the unions demanding inflated wages and fat benefit packages and the government regulations, auto makers have been existing in something other than a free market for years.

Here’s one more link on this subject, from the Wall Street Journal.

Nationalizing Detroit

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